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Can Astronomers Detect Exoplanet Oceans?
Topic: Alien Life
Detecting water on the surface of exoplanets is becoming a high priority for researchers, as surface water is considered a requirement for habitability. New research examines whether or not the “glint” of light from a planet can be interpreted as evidence for surface oceans.

Os Astrônomos Podem Detectar Oceanos em Exoplanetas?
Topic: Alien Life
Detectar água na superfície de exoplanetas está se tornando uma alta prioridade para pesquisadores, já que água na superfície é considerada um requerimento para habitabilidade. Nova pesquisa examina se o “brilho” da luz vinda de um planeta pode ser interpretada como evidência para oceanos em sua superfície.

SETI on the SKA
Topic: Alien Life
Can the Square Kilometer Array – a network of thousands of radio antennas to be based in South Africa and Australia -- be used to hunt for extraterrestrial signals?

Is Life an “Artificial Category”?
Topic: Alien Life
In this interview, astrobiologist Maggie Turnbull discusses why she thinks 'life' is an artificial category.

SETI Finds No Evidence for Life at Gliese 581
Topic: Alien Life
The first targeted SETI search of a system with a potentially habitable world has come up empty. However, the study was a proof of concept for targeted SETI searches, and sets the stage for examining specific star systems in the hope of detecting a signal from intelligent, extrasolar life.

RIP Ray Bradbury
Topic: Alien Life
Ray Bradbury, writer of classic science fiction and fantasy works, died Tuesday at the age of 91.

Finding Earths by Looking for Jupiters
Topic: Alien Life
New research could help astrobiologists narrow down the search for Earth-like planets near Jupiter-like planets that orbit distant stars.

Belief in ET Based on Optimism More Than Evidence
Topic: Alien Life
Researchers have found that the expectation of finding life beyond the planet Earth might be based more on optimism than scientific evidence.

Could Advanced Dinosaurs Rule Other Planets?
Topic: Alien Life
New research raises questions about whether or not dinosaurs could have evolved into intelligent life forms that inhabit other planets in the Universe.

Poderiam Dinossauros Avançados Controlar Outros Planetas?
Topic: Alien Life
Nova pesquisa levanta questões sobre se os dinossauros poderiam ter evoluído em formas inteligentes que habitam outros planetas no Universo.

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