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Far-Out Photosynthesis
Topic: Alien Life
Photosynthesis maintains Earth's habitability for life as we know it, and shapes the way we search for habitable worlds around distant stars. Scientists have discovered a microbe that can use low-energy light to perform photosynthesis. This discovery could alter theories about the types of stars that could support Earth-like worlds.

Una fotosíntesis poco convencional
Topic: Alien Life
La fotosíntesis mantiene la habitabilidad de la Tierra para la vida tal como la conocemos, y nuestro conocimiento de este proceso biológico condiciona la forma en que buscamos mundos habitables alrededor de estrellas distantes. Ahora los científicos han descubierto un microbio que puede utilizar luz de baja energía para realizar la fotosíntesis. Este descubrimiento podría alterar las teorías sobre los tipos de estrellas que podrían sostener mundos como la Tierra.

Discovering Life on Earth by Looking at the Moon
Topic: Alien Life
By observing earthshine, astronomers have observed the Earth as if it were an exoplanet. The study could help identify distant, habitable worlds.

Extending the Habitable Zone for Red Dwarf Stars
Topic: Alien Life
Scientists have long thought that planets had to orbit very close to small and dim red dwarf stars in order to be warm enough for life. New research challenges that assumption.

Tidal Forces Could Squeeze Out Planetary Water
Topic: Alien Life
Alien planets might experience tidal forces powerful enough to remove all their water, leaving behind hot, dry worlds like Venus.

High Planetary Tilt Lowers Odds for Life?
Topic: Alien Life
Highly-tilted worlds would have extreme seasons, subjecting life to alternating periods of scorching and subzero temperatures. This could make the development of all but hardiest, simplest creatures a long shot.

Rethinking an Alien World
Topic: Alien Life
New observations of the rocky exoplanet, 55 Cancri e, suggest it may be wetter than previously believed.

Loss of Planetary Tilt Could Doom Alien Life
Topic: Alien Life
Gravitational interactions between red dwarf stars and habitable planets could erase a world's axial tilt, which moderates global temperatures and creates seasons, before life gets a chance to develop.

Wanted: Habitable Moons
Topic: Alien Life
Rocky moons that orbit gas giant planet and reside in the habitable zone of their star could contain the seeds of life. Thanks to new research, finding those moons just got a little easier.

Procurando por Artefatos Alienígenas na Lua
Topic: Alien Life
Dois pesquisadores sugeriram que imagens de alta resolução do Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (Orbitador de Reconhecimento Lunar) deveriam ser examinadas para identificar anomalias que poderiam ser evidências de artefatos alienígenas na Lua.

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