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Hot Topic Exploration Robotics & A.I.
From Crime Fighting to Methane Lakes: Designing Robots for Earth and Space
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
The MARS (Mobile and Remote Sensing Lab) team has helped the Cleveland Police refurbish an old crime-fighting robot. Other work involves outfitting modern robots with applications for science in space and on Earth.

New Underwater Explorer to be Tested in Great Lakes
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
Researcher will use an NSF research vessel that is wintering in the Great Lakes to test the new underwater explorer, Nereid UI.

A Super Ball Bot for Titan: A Baby Step To Learning About Saturn’s Unique Moon
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
A child’s toy was the inspiration for a new spacecraft design concept to explore the murky surface of Saturn's moon Titan.

Cyborg Swarms to Make Maps
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
Researchers have developed software that allows them to map unknown environments based on the movement of a swarm of insect cyborgs.

Self-Assembling Robots
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
New robots that are cubes with no external moving parts are able to climb, leap, roll, and even attach themselves to each other

Putting a Face on a Robot
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
A new study finds that older and younger people have different preferences for the appearances of personal robots.

'Cyborg Astrobiologist' Uses Phone-Cam to Search for Life
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
A new visual system that is 'part-human, part-machine' has been developed to search for past or present life in planetary environments. Now, the instrument is being tested in extreme environments on Earth.

Windsurfing on Venus
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
A team of NASA researchers is studying technology that could explore Venus by taking advantage of the planet's winds. The Venus Landsailing Rover would analyze an area on the surface, and then sail across Venus to a new spot.

New Robotic Explorer to Search for Deep Sea DNA
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
Significant steps have been made in proving the feasibility of using fleets of autonomous robots to search for exotic life forms in the depths of Earth's oceans.

Controlling Rovers from Space
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
NASA recently tested technology that could allow astronauts in orbit around bodies like Mars perform work on the surface of the planet using robotic avatars.

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