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The Culture of Climate Change
Topic: Climate
Scientists study the links between the Earth's climate and biosphere, but new studies show that climate could also be intimately linked to human culture. This relationship between climate and culture may be apparent throughout human history.

Studying Cycles: Chemistry and Climate
Topic: Climate
New studies have shown that scientists have underestimated the effect that two chemical compounds may have on Earth's climate. Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide can contribute to global warming and climate change, and might bring about a climate on Earth that life has never experienced before.

Time for Climate Change
Topic: Climate
Earth's climate could take 100,000 years or longer to recover from rising CO2 if we don't mitigate our carbon emissions. Scientists studying one ancient bout of global warming 56 million years ago found that CO2 took about 30,000 to 40,000 years to settle out of the atmosphere.

Should We Stay or Should We Go?
Topic: Climate
The ever-expanding human population will continue to impact the habitability of our planet into the future. But moving humans from Earth into the final frontier carries an environmental cost as well.

Using Algae to Reconstruct an Ancient Climate
Topic: Climate
A new study shows that variations in carbon dioxide 40 million years ago were tightly coupled to changes in global temperature. Understanding the relationship between the Earth's climate and carbon dioxide can provide insight into the extent of future global warming caused by the activities of humans.

Species in the Fast Lane: Speeding Up Growth and Metabolism
Topic: Climate
New research indicates that global warming could be having devastating effects, even with small shifts in tempertaure. Even some of Earth's most reilient species may find the changes too difficult to survive. Studying the effects of climate change can help us understand life's future on Earth.

Rising Seas and Declining Species
Topic: Climate
The oceans are critical to the survival of life on Earth, but climate change may be causing irreversible damage to these fragile systems. What role will acidification, ice melt and surface temperature increases play in the future habitability of our planet?

Elevação dos Mares e Declínio das Espécies
Topic: Climate
Os oceanos são críticos para a sobrevivência da vida na Terra, mas a mudança climática pode estar causando danos irreversíveis a estes frágeis sistemas. Qual papel a acidificação, o derretimento de gelo e o aumento da temperatura de superfície desempenharão na habitabilidade futura de nosso planeta?

Hunting for New Habitats
Topic: Climate
Astronomers are finding many new planets circling distant stars, but they have yet to find one like Earth. Studying the changing climate of Earth is an essential step in helping scientists identify similarly habitable worlds beyond our solar system.

Climate Change before it Goes Global
Topic: Climate
Whiffs of oxygen may have been present on Earth before the Great Oxidation Event. This may have allowed for niche environments for oxygen-dependent organisms before the global atmosphere became oxygen rich. This isn't the only example of how climate change can first occur regionally rather than globally.

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