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Hot Topic Solar System Earth Climate
Engineering the Skies
Topic: Climate
If we could make one change to stave off climate change, what would it be? One scientist believes that getting rid of black soot is the answer. Other research shows that fighting climate change with geo-engineering tricks, such as pumping out aerosols to reflect sunlight, may not be a solution.

Clouding Life's Chances
Topic: Climate
Clouds play a major role in Earth's climate, and in supporting life on Earth. Scientists are using satellites to study clouds on Earth, and 'comparative planetology' - comparing Earth to data from Mars and other worlds - to understand the role clouds play in making a planet habitable.

Climate Change by Degrees
Topic: Climate
There are many ambiguities in forecasting climate change. New reports are attempting to get to the 'nuts and bolts' of the problem, allowing people to clearly see the consequences of each degree of warming. Such information is important in understanding the future of life on Earth.

Picture Disaster
Topic: Climate
The news keeps us constantly in tune with environmental disasters and their effects on Earth's climate and biosphere. How did past generations who didn´t have television or a camera depict those dramatic moments in living geologic history? Through art.

A History of Climate Change
Topic: Climate
How did the Earth stay warm 3.8 billion years ago when the young sun was 30% weaker? It's a mystery scientists have long been trying to solve, and it may come down to global warming. Ancient warming on Earth can also provide important clues concerning modern climate change.

Earth Blows Hot and Cold
Topic: Climate
New research shows that the climate change of 12,000 years ago could have been the first catastrophic climate event attributed to humans. In modern times, humans are continuing to have profound effects on our planet, from wildfires to dramatic weather.

Alien Climates Play Key Role in Possibility of Life
Topic: Climate
A new study of how climate conditions have affected the origin and evolution of life on Earth could provide clues to understanding how climates on alien planets might affect their potential for life.

Earth on the Rocks
Topic: Climate
There is a lot we don't yet understand about climate change, but humankind's influence on the Earth is becoming more and more apparent. Studying our effect will help us understand life's future on Earth.

Climate Change - it's in the Soil, it's in the Leaves
Topic: Climate
New studies on the carbon isotopes present in ancient plants and microorganism communities in modern soils are helping scientists improve climate change models. The studies are also providing new insight into the co-evolution of life and our planet.

Life Versus the Volcanoes
Topic: Climate
Volcanoes play a major role in Earth's climate, as evidenced by the recent eruption in Iceland. Some volcanic activity that isn't quite as visible, like the ocean's version of the La Brea Tarpits off the Santa Barbara coast, also has an effect on life.

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