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Ancient Forests Stabilized Earth's CO2 and Climate
Topic: Climate
Researchers have identified a biological mechanism that could explain how the Earth's atmospheric carbon dioxide and climate were stabilised over the past 24 million years.

Arctic Warmth Unprecedented in 44,000 Years, Reveals Ancient Moss
Topic: Climate
Researchers have found exposed Polytrichum mosses in the Canadian high Arctic that had been trapped beneath ice 44,000 years ago--suggesting that modern Arctic warming far exceeds the bounds of historical natural variability.

Model Anticipates Ecological Impacts of Human Responses to Climate
Topic: Climate
A Princeton University research team has created a model to evaluate how human responses to climate change may alter agricultural land-use.

Cracked Sea Ice Stirs Up Arctic Mercury Concern
Topic: Climate
A NASA study in the Arctic has shown that cracks in Arctic sea ice ultimate allow atmospheric mercury down to the surface where it can enter the food change.

NASA Searches for Climate Change Clues in the Gateway to the Stratosphere
Topic: Climate
NASA's uncrewed Global Hawk research aircraft is in the western Pacific region on a mission to track changes in the upper atmosphere and help researchers understand how these changes affect Earth's climate.

The Water Cycle Amplifies Abrupt Climate Change
Topic: Climate
A new study suggests that changes in the water cycle may have driven climate change at the onset of the Younger Dryas period 12680 years ago.

Public Views on Climate Engineering
Topic: Climate
A new study shows that the general public does not support the idea of deliberately manipulating Earth's environment to counteract climate change.

Safe Havens Revealed for Biodiversity in a Changed Climate
Topic: Climate
Researchers have found a way to project future habitat locations under climate change, identifying potential safe havens for threatened biodiversity.

Struggling to Adapt to Climate Change
Topic: Climate
A new study shows that human-induced climate change could pose more of a threat to plants and agriculture than previously thought.

Antarctica’s Amtospheric Light Bulb Grows Brighter
Topic: Climate
Data from NASA's AIM spacecraft show that noctilucent clouds are like a great "geophysical light bulb." They turn on every year in late spring, reaching almost full intensity over a period of no more than 5 to 10 days.

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