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A 'Perfect Storm' for Life
Topic: Biosphere
As the Earth warmed following the last Ice Age, biological productivity in the North Pacific Ocean suddenly increased, and then quickly dropped. A new study could help explain how this mysterious event occurred.

Toxic Oceans May Have Delayed Spread of Complex Life
Topic: Biosphere
A new model suggests that inhospitable hydrodgen-sulphide rich waters could have delayed the spread of complex life forms in ancient oceans.

How Extinction Influences Biodiversity
Topic: Biosphere
A new study shows that Australia's rich plant diversity was wiped out by the ice ages.

The Carbon Cycle is a War Without End
Topic: Biosphere
Scientists have uncovered a war in the oceans that has been going on for hundreds of millions of years. The battle is between SAR11 bacterium and the Pelagiphage viruses that infect them, and the results of this microscopic war have profound effects on Earth's carbon cycle.

Did Ancient Ecosystems Work Like Modern Ones?
Topic: Biosphere
A new study is helping scientists understand whether or not the relationship between animals and lush vegetation was the same in ancient ecosystems as it is today.

Do Palm Trees Hold the Key to Immortality?
Topic: Biosphere
A new study shows that the unique cellular structure and function of palm trees may contribute to their long life-span.

Bacteria Needed to Make Fertile Soil
Topic: Biosphere
A new study shows that dead bacteria are important in soils because their biomass is converted to organic soil components.

Microbes that Fight Greenhouse Gases
Topic: Biosphere
Nitrous oxide is released into the atmosphere could cause more damage to Earth's environment than carbon dioxide. Luckily, a previously unknown army of microorganisms helps transform the nitrous oxide into harmless nitrogen gas.

Methane and Marine Microbes
Topic: Biosphere
Scientists have discovered a single Archaea that can perform marine methane oxidation coupled to sulfate respiration. Previously, it was thought that Archaea carried out this process in colaboration with a bacterium.

A Mass Extinction's Lessons for the Modern World
Topic: Biosphere
A new study suggests that the structure of ecosystems in North America increased the severity of the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs.

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