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Evidence for Ancient Life Throughout the Land
Topic: Biosphere
New research suggests that Earth's early microbes may have been widespread on land, despite the fact that the ozone layer had not yet formed.

Bacteria are Social Creatures
Topic: Biosphere
New research has revealed that bacteria can have social structures similar to plants and animals. The study provides new insight into mechanisms that could effect the evolution of life on Earth.

Weird Microbe Chemistry Releases Methane from the Ocean
Topic: Biosphere
Scientists have discovered "weird chemistry" practiced by the most abundant microbes on the planet, and could be responsible for up to 4 percent of the methane on Earth.

The Constructal Law
Topic: Biosphere
Why do bigger creatures tend to have longer lifespans? A new theory suggests that this biological mystery could be explained by a physical law called the Constructal Law.

The Rare Biosphere of the Human Body
Topic: Biosphere
The landmark publication of a "map" of the bacterial make-up of healthy humans has deep roots in an unexpected place: the ocean.

A 10-Million-Year Recovery from Mass Extinction
Topic: Biosphere
New research indicates that it took 10 million years for Earth to recover after the largest mass extinction known.

Links in the Ecological Chain
Topic: Biosphere
Researchers have documented one of the longest ecological interaction chains ever documented. Their findings shed light on how human disturbance may lead to widespead ecological disruptions.

How Life Recovers from Devastation
Topic: Biosphere
Satellite data is helping scientists understand how the forests around Mt. St. Helens have recovered in the 32 years since the volcano erupted.

Counting Penguins From Space
Topic: Biosphere
Using high-resolution satellite mapping, scientists have discovered that there are twice as many emperor penguins in Antarctica than was previously thought.

With You in the Room, Bacteria Counts Spike
Topic: Biosphere
New research shows that a person's presence in a room can add 37 million bacteria to the air every hour, most of which is material left behind by previous occupants and stirred up from the floor.

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