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Oceans Acidifying Faster Today than in the Past
Topic: Biosphere
A new study indicates that the oceans of Earth may be acidifying faster today than they did in the last 300 million years. If the trend continues, it may bring about dramatic changes for marine species on our planet.

Integrating Microbes in Climate Models
Topic: Biosphere
Researchers have developed a plan for integrating microbiology into the climate models that astrobiologists use to understand Earth's climate and habitability.

Coaxing a Shy Microbe to Stand Out in a Crowd
Topic: Biosphere
Scientists have developed a new method to map the genome of single marine microorganisms, even from samples containing millions of individuals from dozens of different groups.

The First Plants Caused Ice Ages
Topic: Biosphere
When the first plants evolved on Earth some 470 million years ago, they may have triggered a series of ice ages. The study provides new insight into the links between the climate and biosphere of Earth.

Life's Ancient Island in the Ice
Topic: Biosphere
During the last ice age, massive glaciers covered much of our planet. However, a region of Alaska, Siberia and the Canadian Yukon remained ice-free. This region, known as Beringia, supported unique organisms and was an important haven for evolution. Now, scientists may have uncovered how Beringia supported such diversity at a time when conditions for life were harsh.

Ancient Environment Drives Marine Diversity
Topic: Biosphere
A new study shows that the evolution of marine life has been robustly and independently driven by ocean chemistry and sea level changes. The work provides new insight into the connections between the Earth's climate and the evolution of life.

Oceans Lost Oxygen Before the End-Permian Extinction
Topic: Biosphere
By measuring uranium isotopes in ancient carbonate rocks, scientists have discovered that there was a large shift in ocean chemistry around the time of Earth's largest mass extinction. The study sheds new light on the links between Earth's biosphere and climate.

How Life Survived Snowball Earth
Topic: Biosphere
New research indicates that simple, photosynthetic algae could have survived in a narrow body of water during a period of global glaciation hundreds of millions of years ago.

Bacteria Create Air From Rocket Fuel
Topic: Biosphere
Scientists have determined how some bacteria are able to convert ammonia to nigtrogen without any oxygen being present.

Swimming in Viruses
Topic: Biosphere
A new study reveals that viruses fill the oceans and have a significant effect on ocean biology.

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