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Life's Slimy Beginnings
Topic: Geology
From Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition is a podcast interview with Frances Westall of the Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire in France. She discusses her search for traces of life in the Earth´s most ancient rocks, and explains how fossilized microbial mats provide information about life´s slimy beginnings.

Earth's Early Quakes
Topic: Geology
The oldest preserved pieces of Earth's crust have provided evidence of active plate tectonics as early as 3.8 billion years ago. The rocks also yield information about the historical chemical composition of the oceans, providing a better understanding of how Earth's oceans may have affected the evolution of life.

Reading History in Rocks
Topic: Geology
Scientists are refining a technique to pin down the dates of events in the lives of rocks, including the collisions of continents or a rock's journey through the crust of the Earth.

Water World
Topic: Geology
Seismologists have created a new 3-D model that reveals the existence of an underground water reservoir deep in the Earth's mantle. The research could have implications in understanding our planet's global environment.

Mountains of Play-Doh
Topic: Geology
New research may help refine the accepted models used by earth scientists to describe the ways in which continents clash to form the Earth's landscape.

Earth's Early Temperature
Topic: Geology
Analysis of the world's oldest sedimentary rocks has shown that carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that has become a bane of modern society, may have saved Earth from freezing over early in the planet's history.

Catching an Underwater Eruption
Topic: Geology
Being in the right place at the right time allowed scientists to capture and record an undersea volcanic eruption. This provided a view of the death and birth of a mid-ocean ridge from various perspectives – geological, biological, and geophysical -- providing new insight into the inner workings of our planet.

Earth in the Balance
Topic: Geology
Imagine a shift in the Earth so profound that it could force our entire planet to spin on its side after a few million years, tilting it so far that Alaska would sit at the equator. Princeton scientists have now provided the first compelling evidence that this kind of major shift may have happened in our world's distant past.

Sulfur Stinks up Oxygen Theories
Topic: Geology
Ancient sediments that once resided on a lake bed and the ocean floor show sulfur isotope ratios unlike those found in other samples from the same time, calling into question accepted ideas about when the Earth's atmosphere began to contain oxygen, according to researchers from the U.S., Canada and Japan.

Jigsaw Earth
Topic: Geology
Like pieces in a giant jigsaw puzzle, continents have split, drifted and merged again many times throughout Earth's history, but geologists haven't understood the mechanism behind the moves.

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