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The Electric Atmosphere
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Scientists have designed a new suite of instruments that will help us better understand how Earth's protective atmosphere helps protect life as we know it from electrified particles that dominate the Universe.

Warning System for Solar Storms
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Massive explosions on the Sun can unleash radiation that is dangerous for humans and robotic missions in orbit. Now, researchers have developed a warning system that can forecast the radiation from these storms up to three hours in advance.

Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Researchers have discovered a method for finding 'portals' that lead directly from the Earth to the atmosphere of the Sun 93 million miles away.

New Study Proves the Magnetosphere Protects Earth
Topic: Spaceship Earth
A chance alignment of planets has allowed scientists to compare the protective effects of Earth's magnetic field with that of Mars' naked atmosphere.

Computer Simulations of Earth's Turbulent Magnetosphere
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Scientists are now using one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world to better understand the processes that give rise to space weather.

Cold Plasma Above Earth
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Scientists have developed a new method to measure cold plasma above the Earth, and have revealed more cold, charged ions in Earth’s upper altitudes than previously imagined.

Earth’s Cloudy Past Could Reveal Exoplanet Details
Topic: Spaceship Earth
The pattern of clouds on Earth is largely determined by the arrangement of the continents below. Now, astronomers are modeling the clouds at different periods in Earth’s past to better understand what alien worlds might look like.

Earth's Lightning Waves Leak into Space
Topic: Spaceship Earth
A NASA mission has provided the first view of Earth's 'atmospheric heartbeat' from space.

Earth's Bow Shock is Remarkably Thin
Topic: Spaceship Earth
New research shows that the bow shock formed by the interactions between the solar wind and Earth's magnetic field is remarkably thin.

Killer Solar Flares Won't Destroy Earth in 2012
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Space weather can profoundly affect planet Earth. Solar flares are capable of disrupting satellites and coronal mass ejections might even damage power grids on Earth. But even at their worst, flares and mass ejections from the Sun are not capable of destroying Earth.

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