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Finding JIMO
Topic: Jupiter System
As a follow-on to the recently ended Galileo mission to Jupiter, the next goal seems to be investigating its icy moons--Io, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa. A subsurface ocean and tidal heating may make possible at least two of the three requirements for life, namely water and energy.

Io: Moon On Fire
Topic: Jupiter System
For those wishing to tour another solar system, Jupiter is a close simulation; the Jovian family of moons offers some of the most stunning photo opportunities available. To trace the story of the Jovian family requires a good lens, since the four inner moons were first seen by Galileo's telescope.

Galileo's Spyglass
Topic: Jupiter System
Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute examines the revolution that the astronomer Galileo brought to the world by discovering moons around another planet. This changed what otherwise had persisted as a worldview since Aristotle placed Earth in the center of it the universe.

The End of Galileo
Topic: Jupiter System
On Sunday afternoon, the Galileo spacecraft crashed into the planet Jupiter. The spacecraft has redefined our understanding of Jupiter, the moons orbiting that gas giant planet, and the possibility of life elsewhere in our solar system.

Galileo Joins Jupiter, Literally
Topic: Jupiter System
The spectacular journey of Jupiter-orbiting spacecraft, Galileo, ended by crashing into planet's atmosphere. Partly because of successful mapping of Europa's frozen ocean, Galileo couldn't be left unattended to, or it might risk contamination of solar system's prospects for habitability.

Jupiter: Moon Festival
Topic: Jupiter System
Jupiter's mini solar system of now 48 satellites offers compelling insights into how the planets and moon formed, as well as supplying a mystery: How does Jupiter capture and hold on to its festival of moons?

Salty Volcanoes on Jovian Moon
Topic: Jupiter System
Scientists trying to resolve a 30 year mystery of how one of Jupiter's moons generates a cloud of charged particles have found an answer. The stunningly colorful moon, called Io, has a pillar of salt that gets spewed from its volcanic surface.

Sunset on Io
Topic: Jupiter System
Jupiter's closest moon, Io, is revealed in new imagery at sunset, giving a stunning glimpse of a mountain nearly as tall as Mount Everest. Io's unique volcanism gives it heat far from the Sun.

Io Blasts Mile-High
Topic: Jupiter System
Jupiter's moon, Io, blasted a volcanic eruption miles high and visible to ground telescopes in Hawaii. The eruption site is larger in surface area than all of Los Angeles or London.

Galileo Flyby: Extreme Explorers Hall of Fame
Topic: Jupiter System
The Jupiter probe, Galileo, is this week's selection for the Extreme Explorers Hall of Fame. In the next ten days, the robotic spacecraft flies within 100 miles of the unusual moon, Amalthea, which gives off more heat than it receives. As Galileo has filled its mission objectives and is running low on maneuvering fuel, NASA plans to crash the spacecraft into Jupiter during 2003.

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