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Hot Topic Solar System Saturn Enceladus
Enceladus Evolving
Topic: Enceladus
Cassini's most recent flyby of Saturn's moon Enceladus has provided more evidence that the moon is an active world. Jets of water vapor and ice have been seen erupting from Enceladus, and new data shows the moon may have Earth-like tectonics.

An Ocean on Enceladus
Topic: Enceladus
New data from Cassini supports the theory that Saturn's moon Enceladus has liquid water beneath its surface. Water is essential for life, and determining locations of liquid water is the first step in the search for life in our solar system.

The Ions and Isotopes of Enceladus
Topic: Enceladus
Cassini will soon fly within 16 miles of Enceladus' surface to measure molecules in the Saturnian moon's environment. The data will provide insight into the early history of the solar system.

Tracing Tiger Stripes
Topic: Enceladus
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has pinpointed where Enceladus' icy jets erupt from at the moon's surface. The new images may help reveal what type of environment exists on the moon, and whether or not Enceladus could be a habitat for life.

Ocean on Enceladus May Be Short-Lived
Topic: Enceladus
Three years ago, surprising evidence came out for an ocean underneath the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus. But a new report indicates just how hard it may be to keep water from freezing on this tiny moon.

The Extraordinary Ecosystems of Enceladus
Topic: Enceladus
Scientists discuss whether or not microbial life could survive inside Saturn's moon Enceladus. Based on observations of microbes on Earth that can live in environments absent of sunlight and oxygen, the researchers have outlined potential scenarios for how life might exist on the unique moon.

Organic Brew on Enceladus
Topic: Enceladus
Cassini has discovered that plumes from Saturn's moon Enceladus are 'hot' and brimming with water vapor and organic chemicals. The surprising discovery has important implications in the search for habitable environments in the Solar System.

A Brief Enceladus Shower
Topic: Enceladus
Earlier this month, NASA's Cassini spacecraft made a daring flight through the icy water jets of Enceladus. The data gathered might tell us if the moon harbors a water ocean or organics beneath its surface.

The Enceladus Enigma
Topic: Enceladus
Plumes of water and dust that spout from the south pole of Saturn's moon Enceladus have intrigued scientists ever since the Cassini spacecraft first captured images of the phenomenon. Now, new information may help scientists determine how the massive geysers are formed.

Plumbing Enceladus
Topic: Enceladus
Scientists are beginning to understand the source of the giant geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus. A new theory points to the potential existence of a liquid reservoir or lake just beneath the moon's surface.

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