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Swiss-Cheese Saturn Moon
Topic: Saturn system
An image of Saturn's small moon, Epimetheus, was captured by the Cassini spacecraft in the closest view ever taken of the pockmarked body.

Prometheus Steals Ring
Topic: Saturn system
The tiny moon, Prometheus, shapes Saturn's outer ring by shepherding icy debris into ridges and gaps as Prometheus orbits the giant planet. The Cassini spacecraft captured images not only showing its gravitational interplay, but also its debris trail in a haunting show of how the rings change today.

Splendid Saturn
Topic: Saturn system
The interplay of light and gravity feature in the shaping of Saturn's rings. As its moon orbit, they attract dust particles into fine bands or divisions. New images from the Cassini probe reveal both what the moons look like up close and also how they sculpt the planet's signature rings.

Saturn's Graceful Ripples
Topic: Saturn system
The fine structure of Saturn's rings is shaped by the planet's many inner moons. When viewed in ultraviolet the spectacular rings resemble the ridges on a long-playing record.

Surfing Saturn's Wave Action
Topic: Saturn system
Saturn looks like anything but a quiet place when viewed in ultraviolet. The giant planet features wayward moons, colliding meteoroids, rippling rings and flickering auroras.

Half-Moons Rising
Topic: Saturn system
The Cassini probe snapped a wide-angle picture that shows the moon Mimas in relative close proximity to the spectacular rings. Later Tuesday, Cassini will fly within about 1000 kilometers (~600 miles) of the largest moon Titan.

Saturn Sightings: Tethys
Topic: Saturn system
The Cassini spacecraft in orbit around Saturn caught a glimpse of Tethys, a cratered, icy moon. Notable for Tethys are its split fissure and enormous crater, both of which leave the impression that its fragile surface is remaking itself slowly.

Saturn's Family Portrait
Topic: Saturn system
The Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn takes a wide-angle view of the ringed planet's extended moon system. These mostly icy moons have highly reflective, bright surfaces and tend to smooth over many impact scars when their frozen veneers heal.

Saturn's New F-ring Shepherd?
Topic: Saturn system
In the solar system, the second highest satellite tally is Saturn's. Before the Cassini mission, thirty-one moons were known--a number that has changed since the successful orbital insertion of the spacecraft.

Death Star Lookalike
Topic: Saturn system
Saturn's satellite, Mimas, can be imaged from afar and imagined up close, but its striking resemblance to the fictional Death Star from Star Wars gives the most dramatic view of its violent past.

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