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Archaea Are Eaten Too
Topic: Extreme Life
Scientists have proven that animals can and do consume Archaea. The discovery documents the important role these single-celled organisms play in providing a base for food chains around deep sea vents.

Hot Meets Cold at Hydrothermal Seeps
Topic: Extreme Life
Scientists have uncovered a new undersea ecosystem where life thrives without sunlight: hydrothermal seeps. The term refers to hybrid sites where hydrothermal vents and methane seeps exist side-by-side.

Microbial Oasis Discovered Beneath the Atacama Desert
Topic: Extreme Life
Researchers have discovered an 'oasis' of microorganisms two meters below the surface of the Atacama Desert in Chile. The study could help scientists better understand the potential for life in the subsurface of planets like Mars.

Breaking Through the Ice at Lake Vostok
Topic: Extreme Life
After more than 15 years of stop-and-go drilling, a team of Russian scientists and engineers have drilled through the ice of Lake Vostok. Scientists are eager to discover what sort of extreme life might lurk in the deep dark waters.

Atravessando o Gelo no Lago Vostok
Topic: Extreme Life
Depois de mais de 15 anos de perfuração descontínua, uma equipe de cientistas e engenheiros russos perfuraram através do gelo do Lago Vostok. Os cientistas estão ansiosos por descobrir que tipo de vida extrema pode espreitar nas profundas águas escuras.

Underwater Caves Provide Clues to Life Beyond Earth
Topic: Extreme Life
Discoveries in underwater caves could help scientists understand how life arose in ancient oceans on Earth - and possibly how similar life could survive on other worlds.

Life on Dead Hydrothermal Vents
Topic: Extreme Life
Scientists have discovered evidence that life continues at hydrothermal sea vents, even after the vents themselves go dormant. The study sheds light on how microbial communities survive in one Earth's most unique environments.

Extreme Life at the Bottom of a Glacier
Topic: Extreme Life
A new study shows that two types of bacterium found at the bottom of glaciers show signs of respiration while living in ice.

Earth's Deepest Biosphere
Topic: Extreme Life
Scientist recently installed observatories beneath the seafloor in order to collect data on one of the most mysterious ecosystems on Earth.

A Biosfera Mais Profunda da Terra
Topic: Extreme Life
Cientistas recentemente instalaram observatórios abaixo do fundo do mar para coletar dados em um dos mais misteriosos ecossistemas na Terra.

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