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Hot Topic Origins Extreme Life
NUGGET's Neutron Vision
Topic: Extreme Life
Astrobiologists, who search for evidence of life on other planets, may find a proposed Neutron/Gamma ray Geologic Tomography (NUGGET) instrument to be one of the most useful tools in their toolbelt.

Building an Extreme House on Skis
Topic: Extreme Life
A futuristic house has won the competition for the new British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Halley Research Station. The new modular station, elevated on ski-based jackable legs to avoid burial by snow, can be towed across the ice.

Living in the Dead Sea
Topic: Extreme Life
How have the molecules essential to life, such as proteins, adapted to function in extreme environments? The proteins that may help answer this question have been isolated from halophilic (salt-loving) microorganisms from the Dead Sea. So what's living in the Dead Sea anyway?

Stowaway's Survival on Mars?
Topic: Extreme Life
Some hardy Earth microbes could survive long enough on Mars to complicate the search for alien life. The intense ultraviolet rays that bombard the Martian surface are quickly fatal to most Earth microbes.

Extremes of Eel City
Topic: Extreme Life
An international team of scientists has discovered active underwater volcano near the Samoan Island chain about 2,400 miles southwest of Hawaii. Researchers explored the unique biological community surrounding the eruption site, and were amazed to find an 'Eel City,' a community of hundreds of eels.

Expect Life to be Cold
Topic: Extreme Life
At a recent meeting of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, molecular evolutionist Mitch Sogin argued that if we want to learn how to look for life on other worlds in our solar system, we should study cold-loving organisms on Earth.

Microbes, Microbes Everywhere
Topic: Extreme Life
At a recent meeting of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, molecular evolutionist Mitch Sogin explained why his research focuses not on plants and animals, but rather on microbial life.

Geyser Life in Rock Pores
Topic: Extreme Life
Researchers say a bizarre group of microbes found living inside rocks in an inhospitable geothermal environment at Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park could provide tantalizing new clues about ancient life on Earth.

LEGO Biology
Topic: Extreme Life
Planetary scientist Chris McKay asks one of the most interesting questions in astrobiology: how would one know an organic relic when it appears?

Crossing the Treeline
Topic: Extreme Life
Planetary scientist Chris McKay describes one of the driest place on Earth and how one might test for the equivalent of a bacterial 'treeline', a region so harsh in the Andes Mountains where even microbes cannot thrive.

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