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Ice Diary 2: Great Scott, A Ghost
Topic: Extreme Life
The "Ice Diary" series explores the adventures of a dedicated group of meteor hunters. The National Science Foundation, NASA and the Smithsonian collect and curate extraterrestrial samples scoured from the South Pole. In this chronicle, our explorers consider ghosts of pioneer trekkers like Robert Scott.

Ice Diary I: Shooting Stars on Ice
Topic: Extreme Life
The "Ice Diary" series explores the adventures of a dedicated group of meteor hunters at the South Pole. During the season when the sun never sets, this expedition series follows their quest step-by-step, as they chase astrobiology's most precious stones: the Martian samples.

Jailhouse Rock
Topic: Extreme Life
The birthplace of life on Earth remains a controversial topic. A new hypothesis suggests that life originated in iron sulfide deposits at hydrothermal vents. These metal cells may have held the prebiotic chemicals of life captive.

Conan the Bacterium
Topic: Extreme Life
Radiation-resistant organism reveals its defense strategies is a ring of DNA, Weizmann Institute researchers report in Science

The Driest Place on Earth
Topic: Extreme Life
How much water does life need to survive? Chile's Atacama desert hold some interesting clues - clues that may help researchers in the hunt for life on Mars.

Millenium Life on Ice
Topic: Extreme Life
Peter Doran of the University of Illinois at Chicago and colleagues have uncovered an extreme lake -- and ancient microbes ---by drilling into Lake Vida, a Mars-like Antarctic environment. Remarkably the researchers revived viable microbes that are at least 2,800 years old.

Minimalist Life
Topic: Extreme Life
Microbiologist Karl Stetter travels the world hunting game, small game. In May, he revealed the discovery of a new archaean, at 400 nanometers so small it rides the surface of another merely normally small archaean.

Surviving the Final Frontier
Topic: Extreme Life
Could life on Earth have spread to other planets? Or the other way around? An idea nearly 140 years old is resurfacing in a new form: microbes surviving space travel inside meteorites. Shielded from the intense radiation of the sun, dried out microbes could survive and sprout on a new world.

Lake Mysteries from the World's Roof: Part Four
Topic: Extreme Life
An international team of scientists has spent the past three weeks in the Andes mountains, climbing to 6,000 meters (19,700 feet) above sea level to find out what's living in the highest lake in the world. In this expedition, editor Henry Bortman talks with expedition leader Nathalie Cabrol about her team's accomplishments.

Stuck in the Muck
Topic: Extreme Life
Deep beneath the ocean floor, microorganisms by the billions survive - but just barely. Measurements of the rate at which they carry out life's chemical reactions show that perhaps as few as one in a million is active.

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