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Hot Topic Origins Extreme Life
Searching for Life Where the Sun Don’t Shine (part 5): Explorations to the Seafloors of Earth and Europa
Topic: Extreme Life
This series follows an oceanographic expedition to the Mid-Cayman Rise and NASA’s efforts to plan a future mission to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. In part five, scientists use high-tech submersibles to explore the seafloor and bring intriguing samples up to the surface.

Breaking Through the Antarctic Ice
Topic: Extreme Life
For the first time, scientists have successfully drilled through 800 meters of Antarctic ice to retrieve water and sediment from an isolated, subglacial lake. The samples will teach astrobiologists about life in extreme environments on Earth, and possibly on icy worlds in the Solar System.

Electric-Eating Bacteria
Topic: Extreme Life
Scientists have developed a way to grow iron-oxidizing bacteria using electricity instead of iron. The study could one day lead to using the organisms to turn electricity into fuel.

Searching for Life Where the Sun Don’t Shine (part 4): Explorations to the Seafloors of Earth and Europa
Topic: Extreme Life
When the Voyager and Galileo spacecraft visited Jupiter’s moons Io and Europa, scientists were faced with the exciting possibility that these strange worlds might host exotic forms of life.

Os Efeitos no Clima de Bactérias que Voam Alto
Topic: Extreme Life
Um novo estudo mostra que bactérias que sobrevivem nas severas condições da atmosfera superior podem afetar a meteorologia e o clima do planeta Terra.

The Climate Effects of High-Flying Bacteria
Topic: Extreme Life
A new study shows that bacteria that survive in the harsh conditions of the upper atmosphere might affect the weather and climate of planet Earth.

Sunken Wood is an Oasis for Life
Topic: Extreme Life
A new study shows that sunken pieces of wood can develop into oases for deep-sea life. Using underwater robot technology, scientists confirmed that life from hot and cold seeps on the ocean floor are attracted to the wood due to the activity of bacteria.

Synchrotron Infrared Unveils a Mysterious Microbial Community
Topic: Extreme Life
A new study is helping scientists understand how archaea and bacteria are working together to survive at a deep, cold sulfur spring in southern Germany.

Searching for Life Where the Sun Don’t Shine (part 3): Explorations to the Seafloors of Earth and Europa
Topic: Extreme Life
The chemosynthetic life that thrives at hydrothermal vents might give us clues to how life arose in the first place. They also might be the same sort of life that could possibly exist on Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa.

Searching for Life Where the Sun Don’t Shine (part 2): Explorations to the Sea Floors of Earth and Europa
Topic: Extreme Life
Before 1977, textbooks claimed that to sustain a living ecosystem, you needed energy from the Sun. Then the deep sea submersible Alvin discovered life teeming at hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. This led scientists to wonder if similar life could be found on Europa.

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