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Hot Topic Origins Extreme Life
Searching for Life Where the Sun Don’t Shine (part 1): Explorations to the Sea Floors of Earth and Europa
Topic: Extreme Life
This series follows an oceanographic expedition to the Mid-Cayman Rise, and NASA’s efforts to plan a future mission to Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

Astrobiology Top 10: Breaking Through the Ice at Lake Vostok
Topic: Extreme Life
As 2012 draws to a close, Astrobiology Magazine highlights the year's top stories. At number 5, a team of Russian scientists announced that, after more than 15 years of stop-and-go drilling, they had drilled through the ice of Antarctica's Lake Vostok. (Originally published on 02/16/12)

How Microbes Leap Across the Planet
Topic: Extreme Life
A surprising number of microorganisms are hitching rides in the upper troposphere and crossing the Pacific Ocean from Asia to North America.

Fracking Microbes
Topic: Extreme Life
A team of scientists has made a genetic analysis of microbes living deep inside a shale deposit and uncovered some unexpected surprises.

Ancient Microbes Found Living Beneath Antarctic Ice
Topic: Extreme Life
A new study reveals, for the first time, how bacteria survive in the dark, salty, subfreezing environment in isolated Antarctic lakes. The data could also help astrobiologists understand life's potential on icy worlds like Enceladus and Europa.

Astronauts Collect Cave Life
Topic: Extreme Life
Astronauts on an underground training course have discovered a new species of woodlouse while exploring a cave in Italy.

Life on Earth’s Ceiling
Topic: Extreme Life
Studies have previously discovered microbes in the upper atmosphere, but little is known about the diversity of life up there. New research aims to take a census at the top of the sky.

The Strange Diet of Methane-Consumers
Topic: Extreme Life
New research shows that these methane-consuming microorganisms are quite picky about their diet. The study also reveals a surprising detail about how microbial cells actually use the methane they take in.

Curiosity Sits on Rocks Similar to Ones in Mexico
Topic: Extreme Life
A unique Mexican valley may provide insight into the past environment of Curiosity's landing site, Gale Crater.

Seeking Life Underground
Topic: Extreme Life
With funding from the NASA Astrobiology Institute, scientists are developing and testing instruments and techniques to detect life deep below Earth's surface.

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