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Hot Topic Origins Extreme Life
Microbial Alchemy
Topic: Extreme Life
Researchers have discovered that a bacterium's ability to withstand toxicity is key to creating 24-karat gold. With this knowledge, they created a multimedia art installation that received an honorable mention at a recent cyber art competition.

Microbes Living Under a Contaminated Waste Site
Topic: Extreme Life
Scientists have sequenced nearly 150,000 genes from soil samples at a former uranium mill. The study could help researchers understand how microbial communities in soil clean up sites contaminated with toxic metals. The results may even have implications in helping to reduce greenhouse gases.

Life that Lives On Uranium
Topic: Extreme Life
A new study is providing insights into how living organisms use different mechanisms to adapt to their surroundings. The study focuses on two microorganisms that use different techniques to cope with uranium toxicity in their environments.

Mars-Like Places on Earth Provide Insight to Life
Topic: Extreme Life
Astrobiologists study life in Earth's most extreme environments - from the Antarctic permafrost to the salt pans of Tunisia - in order to understand how life might adapt to environments on other planets. Recently, researchers presented new findings from field expeditions to the most Mars-like places on Earth.

Cavenauts Return to Earth
Topic: Extreme Life
The international team of astronauts taking part in ESA’s caving adventure have returned to Earth after spending six days underground conducting research in areas including geology, biology and microbiology.

The Deepest Drilling on Earth
Topic: Extreme Life
A team of scientists has drilled into the Earth and obtained rock samples from deeper than 2,111 meters below the sea floor. The samples could provide valuable information about the deep subsurface biosphere of Earth.

Astronauts Search for Life Underground
Topic: Extreme Life
A team of astronauts are taking part in a caving adventure designed to prepare them for spaceflight. While working in the confined space, the they will also search for unique cave-dwelling life while testing new equipment and scientific procedures.

There are Fewer Microbes than You Think
Topic: Extreme Life
A new study on the number of microbes living in ocean sediments has produced a result much lower than previous estimates. Even so, the new estimate is still staggering.

A New Understanding of Undersea Volcanic Life
Topic: Extreme Life
New research is shining a light on the mysterious lives of methane-exhaling microbes that live deep in the cracks of hot undersea volcanoes.

An Extremeophile Gene
Topic: Extreme Life
Scientists have discovered a new gene in bacteria that may be a key to life's survival in some of Earth's most extreme environments.

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