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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
First Rock Touched by Curiosity Has Surprises
Topic: Mars
The first Martian rock NASA’s Curiosity rover has reached out to touch presents a more varied composition than expected.

Meteorite Provides Clues to Mars
Topic: Mars
A meteorite that landed in the Moroccan desert 14 months ago is providing more information about Mars. The Tissint meteorite shows evidence that it interacted with water on the martian surface before it made its long journey to Earth.

Curious About Life: Interview with Michael Meyer
Topic: Mars
Michael Meyer, the lead scientist for NASA’s Mars program, talks about his role in developing the Curiosity rover that’s now exploring the surface of Mars.

Why Curiosity Matters
Topic: Mars
Adam Steltzner, the Entry, Descent and Landing Phase Lead for Curiosity, explains why the Mars rover matters to ordinary people. Space exploration is an expensive endeavor, but the benefits that missions bring can be wide-reaching in terms of education and economic payback.

Curiosity Soon to Scoop Some Soil
Topic: Mars
Curiosity is preparing to take its first scoop of martian soil for analysis. Soil samples will be used for key experiments on the rover to test whether or not environmental conditions in Gale Crater were once favorable for microbial life.

Gale Crater Drier Than Expected
Topic: Mars
Data from Curiosity indicates that Gale Crater may be drier than scientists expected based on previous measurements from the Mars Odyssey orbiter.

Curious About Life: Interview with Pan Conrad
Topic: Mars
In this interview, Pan Conrad, deputy principal investigator of the SAM team, explains how they will be reconstructing the history of Mars.

Huge Pressure Swings on Mars
Topic: Mars
Curiosity is monitoring the weather on Mars, and has found regular and enormous swings in atmospheric pressure through each martian day.

Curiosity Finds Old Streambed on Mars Surface
Topic: Mars
Curiosity has found evidence of a stream that once ran vigorously across the surface of Mars. This is the first evidence of its kind for ancient water on Mars.

Curious About Life: Interview with David Grinspoon
Topic: Mars
David Grinspoon, curator of astrobiology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, describes his work with a Curiosity instrument that is totally RAD.

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