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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Curiosity Targets its First Rock
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has driven up to a football-size rock that will be the first for the rover's arm to examine.

Curious About Life: Interview with David Blake
Topic: Mars
In this interview, David Blake talks about how the Curiosity Rover’s CheMin instrument will allow us to better understand the history of Mars’s environment.

Opportunity Finds a New Batch of Blueberries
Topic: Mars
Eight years after discovering 'blueberries' on Mars, the Opportunity rover has found a different type of spherule on the martian surface. They resemble previous 'blueberries', but are densely packed in an unusual rock outcrop.

Curiosity Passing Its Tests
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Curiosity team has almost finished robotic arm tests in preparation for the rover to touch and examine its first Martian rock.

'Dry Ice' Snowfall on Mars
Topic: Mars
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has provided evidence of carbon dioxide snowfall on Mars.

Curious About Life: Interview with Chris McKay
Topic: Mars
In this interview, Chris McKay describes how he’ll use two of Curiosity Rover’s instruments: he’ll help determine what ChemCam should focus its laser on, and then compare the organic analysis by the SAM instrument to what was measured by the Mars Viking mission, and also to what he’s found in deserts on Earth.

Could Dust Devils Create Methane in Mars's Atmosphere?
Topic: Mars
Methane on Mars has been taken as an indication that the planet could be geologically or biologically active. The origin of Mars methane is unknown, but a new theory suggests an unexpected source - dust storms and dust devils.

Clay Not Evidence of Lakes on Mars
Topic: Mars
New research hints that some clays on Mars may have formed in a way that does not involve soil interacting with standing water, or water bubbling up from hydrothermal vents.

Curious about Life: Interview with Danny Glavin
Topic: Mars
In this interview, NASA scientist Danny Glavin describes how NASA’s Curiosity rover will be used to determine if the building blocks of life could have survived on the surface of Mars.

Mars's Dramatic Climate Variations Are Driven by the Sun
Topic: Mars
On Mars’s poles there are ice caps of ice and dust with layers that reflect to past climate variations on Mars. Researchers have related the layers in the ice cap on Mars’s north pole to variations in solar insolation on Mars, thus establishing the first dated climate history for Mars.

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