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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Curiosity Begins to Work its Arm
Topic: Mars
After driving more than a football field’s length since landing, NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity is spending several days preparing for full use of the tools on its arm.

Hadley Crater Provides Deep Insight into Mars Geology
Topic: Mars
ESA's Mars Express has returned to its primary mission after providing support for the landing of the Curiosity rover. The spacecraft has returned deep views into the martian crust within the walls of Hadley Crater, providing insight into the history of Mars's climate.

Curiosity on the Move
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has set off from its landing vicinity on a trek to a science destination about a quarter-mile (400 meters) away, where it may begin using its drill.

Views and Voices from Mars
Topic: Mars
Curiosity has debuted the first recorded human voice that traveled from Earth to another planet and back. The voice playback was released along with new telephoto camera views of the varied martian landscape.

Curiosity In It for the Long Haul
Topic: Mars
Curiosity’s first successful drive across the martian landscape is cause for celebration. Astrobiology Magazine Field Research Editor Henry Bortman thinks it is also a good moment to pause and reflect on MSL’s long-term goals.

Curiosity's ChemCam will Clarify the Composition of Mars
Topic: Mars
Curiosity's ChemCam zapped its first rock last weekend. Since then, the laser instrument has fired nearly 500 shots so far that have produced clear data abou the composition of the martian surface.

Curiosity Drives off Bradbury Landing
Topic: Mars
Curiosity has made its first movement on the martian surface, moving 20 feet from the spot where it landed.

InSight for Mars
Topic: Mars
NASA has selected a new mission to Mars. InSight will place instruments on the martian surface to investigate whether the core of Mars is solid or liquid, and will provide new information about how terrestrial planets form and evolve.

Curiosity's Laser Zaps Its First Martian Rock
Topic: Mars
Curiosity has fired its laser for the first time on Mars. The Chemistry and Camera instrument was used to study a fist-size rock called "Coronation."

Destination Glenelg
Topic: Mars
The scientists and engineers of NASA’s Curiosity rover mission have selected the first destination for their one-ton, six-wheeled mobile Mars laboratory.

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