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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Curious Humor
Topic: Mars
With the incredible landing of a new rover on Mars, NASA has sparked the 'curiosity' of Earth's public - as well as their sense of humor.

First Photos from Curiosity's ChemCam
Topic: Mars
The Curiosity rover has returned the first images from its the remote micro imager on the ChemCam instrument. Now, scientists have selected the first target for ChemCam's rock-zapping laser will be fired in the near future.

How a Mars Sample Return Mission Can Go Electric
Topic: Mars
A hybrid electric mission to Mars could harness the power of sunlight to save on cost, fuel and time to recover samples from the Red Planet.

Looking over Curiosity's Landscape
Topic: Mars
The Curiosity rover has completed a 'brain transplant,' transitioning to new software for Mars surface operations. The new software was uploaded to the rover's memory during the flight from Earth, and adds new capabilities that will help Curiosity explore the surface of Mars.

Curiosity's Color Panorama
Topic: Mars
The first images from Curiosity's color Mast Camera, or Mastcam, have been received. The images provide the first color, horizon-to-horizon glimpse of Gale Crater.

Plate Tectonics on Mars?
Topic: Mars
Previously, many scientists though that Earth was the only planet in our solar system with tectonic plates. New research now shows that the geological phenomenon may also be present on Mars.

ChemCam Sends Digital 'Thumbs Up' from Mars
Topic: Mars
Within an hour of landing, Curiosity's ChemCam instrument indicated that all systems are go. ChemCam is now ready to begin its scientific work, providing new clues about whether or not Mars once harbored ancient life.

A Curiosity Photo Gallery
Topic: Mars
Astrobiology Magazine looks at the first images of the Curiosity rover at Mars, and the reasons that the MSL team are so excited about what they're seeing.

Curiosity Lands on Mars
Topic: Mars
NASA's most advanced Mars rover Curiosity has landed on the Red Planet.

Curiosity Caught in the Act
Topic: Mars
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured an image of the Curiosity rover when it was still connected to its 51-foot-wide (almost 16 meter) parachute as it descended towards its landing site at Gale Crater.

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