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Curiosity is on Mars
Topic: Mars
Curiosity has successfully touched down on Mars. Several minutes later, amidst the cheers and high-fives at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, the rover’s first image was received on Earth.

Sending a Robotic Geologist to Mars
Topic: Mars
Curiosity is the closest thing yet to a real geologist being sent to Mars. As the rover prepares for its dramatic landing, scientists on Earth are preparing for the incredible amount of data that Curiosity will return from Gale Crater.

The Least Crazy Option
Topic: Mars
Curiosity is scheduled to touch down on the martian surface at around 10:30 pm PDT on Sunday, August 5. Landing on Mars is an immense challenge, and in order to get to the surface, Curiosity will be using new technologies, like the "sky crane" system, for the first time.

Newest Mars Mission Connects Past and Future
Topic: Mars
NASA's newest Mars mission is a bold step forward in our study of life's past and present potential on Mars. However, to accomplish its goals, the Curiosity rover will also draw on support from previous missions sent to Mars years ago.

Mars Successes and Failures
Topic: Mars
Fewer than half of the attempts by global space agencies to reach Mars have succeeded since 1960. Now, NASA is hoping for another success in the coming days.

Curiosity’s Search for Organics
Topic: Mars
Soon the rover Curiosity will land on Mars. By design it won’t involve life-detection, but it was assembled to look for the carbon-based building blocks of Martian life and to explore the possible habitats where life might once have existed.

On Track for a Mars Landing
Topic: Mars
This past Saturday, NASA's Mars Science Laboratory completed what may be the last flight-path adjustment needed before landing day.

Mars Polygons Evidence of an Ancient Ocean?
Topic: Mars
A new study indicates that large polygon features on Mars may have been formed in the same way as similar structures on Earth - at the bottom of an ocean.

Opportunity's Mars Marathon
Topic: Mars
NASA's Opportunity Mars rover, which landed on Mars in 2004, is on track to complete the first extraterrestrial marathon. Opportunity has traveled almost 22 miles so far during its mission, collecting valuable data about the martian environment.

All Systems Go to Make History on Mars
Topic: Mars
In a recent press conference at NASA's Langley Research Center, researchers and technicians who worked on the Mars Science Laboratory discussed their preparations for the mission's upcoming delivery of the Curiosity rover at Mars.

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