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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Melas Dorsa Reveals the Complex History of Mars
Topic: Mars
Mars Express has imaged an area to the south of the famed Valles Marineris canyon on the Red Planet, showing a wide range of tectonic and impact features.

MSL's 76 Fireworks Over Mars
Topic: Mars
On August 5th, NASA will be unleashing a pyrotechnic display in the skies of Mars. The Curiosity rover, carried by the Mars Science Laboratory, will streak through the atmosphere of the red planet on its way to a landing in Gale Crater.

Life's Molecules Could Lie Within Reach of MSL
Topic: Mars
A new study suggests that evidence of ancient life on Mars might be found at relatively shallow depths on the martian surface. The findings suggest that, if Mars harbor simple organic molecules, NASA's prospects for discovering them with the Curiosity rover are better than previously thought.

Evidence for Mars Life Could Come From Phobos
Topic: Mars
A new study indicates that a mission to the moons of Mars could return valuable data about the potential for life on Mars in the planet's past or present. Such a mission would search for rocks that fell to the moon after being ejected from Mars by impact events.

Craters Reveal Mars Water Ran Deep
Topic: Mars
By studying rocks blasted out of impact craters, ESA’s Mars Express has found evidence that underground water persisted at depth for prolonged periods during the first billion years of the Red Planet’s existence.

Meteorites Reveal Subsurface Water on Mars
Topic: Mars
By analyzing the water content of two martian meteorites that originate from inside Mars, scientists have determined that the amount of water in the martian mantle is vastly larger than previous estimates. The findings raise questions about the potential for life on present day Mars.

The Size of Snow on Mars
Topic: Mars
Researchers have calculated the size of carbon dioxide snow particles in the clouds at Mars' poles. The particles are very small, roughly the size of a red blood cell.

A Mars Crater Catalog
Topic: Mars
A team of researchers has finished counting and cataloging 635,000 impact craters in Mars. Studying the craters of Mars can yield valuable information about the history of the planet's geology and climate.

Sharpening the Mars Landing Site
Topic: Mars
NASA has narrowed the target landing site for the Curiosity rover, which arrives at the red planet in August.

Rocket Sleds to Mars
Topic: Mars
Traveling to Mars is difficult, but successfully landing on the planet is even harder. NASA is now testing new technologies that could soon help large missions, including human missions, touch down safely on the surface of the red planet.

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