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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Mars Crater Shows Climate Evolution
Topic: Mars
Images of a remarkable crater on Mars show that the planet's climate fluctuated due to changes in its rotation axis.

Mars Methane Lessons in a Meteorite
Topic: Mars
A new discovery about the make-up of martian atmosphere could have implications in the search for life on Mars.

Exploring Mars in the Austrian Alps
Topic: Mars
In the largest ice caves on Earth, spacesuits and remote-controlled planetary rovers were recently tested in a five-day odyssey in the Alps designed to mimic potential future missions on Mars.

Concepts for Future Mars Missions
Topic: Mars
NASA’s call to scientists and engineers for a new Mars exploration strategy has resulted in almost double the amount of expected submissions.

Non-Biological Carbon in Martian Meteorites
Topic: Mars
NASA-funded research on Mars meteorites that landed on Earth shows strong evidence that very large molecules containing carbon, which is a key ingredient for the building blocks of life, can originate on the Red Planet.

Did Ancient Mars Have a Runaway Greenhouse?
Topic: Mars
Cosmic impacts on Mars might have sent temperatures skyrocketing upward on the Red Planet in ancient times, enough to trigger a runaway greenhouse effect.

How to Keep a Mars Tumbleweed Rover Moving
Topic: Mars
New research shows that a wind-driven "tumbleweed" rover could move across the rocky terrain of Mars. The findings could help NASA design such a vehicle for future missions.

Testing Martian Methane on Earth
Topic: Mars
Scientists in Washington state are preparing to conduct ground tests in support of a new Mars mission that could explore the martian atmosphere for signs of life.

Opportunity Rolling Again After its 5th Mars Winter
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has driven off of Greeley Haven after surviving yet another martian winter. Opportunity will now make its way toward veins in the bedrock on the northern edge of Cape York to study whether or not they contain minerals deposited by flowing water.

Large Changes in Martian Sand Dunes
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has revealed that sand dune fields on Mars move on a scale similar to those on Earth, even though Mars' atmosphere is much thinner.

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