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Pit-Chains on Mars - A Possible Place for Life?
Topic: Mars
New images from Mars Express reveal 'pit-chains' on the flanks of huge volcanoes on Mars. Depending on their origin, they might be good targets in the search for microbial life on the red planet.

Dusty, Acidic Glaciers Could Explain Mars Deposits
Topic: Mars
Researchers have proposed a new hypothesis to explain a class of geologic features on Mars that have puzzled scientists for decades.

Atmospheric Glow Sheds Light on Mars
Topic: Mars
A faint glow above the winter poles of Mars is helping scientists understand seasonal changes in the planet's atmospheric circulation. The research could help astrobiologists understand life's potential on Mars.

A New Class of Landform on Mars
Topic: Mars
The discovery of an odd, previously unseen landform on Mars could provide a window into the planet's geological history.

Modern Marsquakes
Topic: Mars
By identifying boulders that have fallen from martian cliffs, scientists have found evidence of relatively recent quakes on the surface of Mars. Studying geological activity on Mars could provide clues about the planet's potential habitability.

New Views of Old Mars Landers
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has returned imagess of the lander for the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit and NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander.

MSL Camera Picks a Penny
Topic: Mars
NASA's Curiosity rover carries a unique calibration target for its Mars Hand Lens Imager - including a Lincoln penny.

Evidence for Mars Ocean 3 Billion Years Ago
Topic: Mars
Mars Express has detected sediments on Mars that are reminiscent of an ocean floor. The low-density materials are found in the planet's northern plains, and are a strongly suggest that an ocean was once present.

Mars Drought Makes Life Unlikely
Topic: Mars
Mars may have been arid for more than 600 million years, making it too hostile for any life to survive on the planet's surface.

Eight Years of Opportunity
Topic: Mars
Eight years after landing on Mars, NASA's Opportunity rover is still returning important data about the potential for past life on the red planet. Five months ago, Opportunity reached Endeavour Crater, where it discovered geological deposits that are older than anything the rover examined in its first seven years.

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