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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Topic: Mars
When the Mars Science Laboratory rover ‘Curiosity” lands on Mars in August 2012, its SAM instrument will “follow the carbon” to better understand the past and present habitability of our planetary neighbor.

Buried Ice on Mars
Topic: Mars
Radar probing of the Phlegra Montes region on Mars suggests large volumes of ice water sit below the surface.

ChemCam to Shine a Light on Mars Habitability
Topic: Mars
The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) on its way and researchers are preparing for the data it's instruments will return from Mars. Among MSL's instruments is ChemCam, which will use lasers to remotely analyze the elemental composition of Mars's surface. ChemCam could help determine the potential for past or present life on Mars.

Mars Mission Lifts Off
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and its Curiosity rover have blasted off on an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, and is now heading to Mars.

Missão Marte Decola
Topic: Mars
A Astrobiology Magazine está destacando as 10 principais estórias de 2011. Na principal estória do ano, Mars Science Laboratory – MSL (Laboratório de Ciências Marte) da NASA e seu “rover” Curiosity (Curiosidade) decolaram no foguete Atlas V da Cape Canaveral Air Force Base (Base Aérea de Cabo Canaveral) na Flórida. A missão histórica de astrobiologia está agora em direção a Marte.

Still Hope for Phobos-Grunt
Topic: Mars
A tracking station in Australia has established contact with the Russian Phobos-Grunt spacecraft. Discussion is ongoing on whether the craft can still complete its mission.

Measuring the Radiation on Mars
Topic: Mars
Scheduled to launch Nov. 26, 2011, NASA´s next rover mission to Mars includes the SwRI-built Radiation Assessment Detector, one of 10 instruments that will assess past and present habitability of the Red Planet.

New Mars Missions Will Investigate Why Mars Turned Hostile
Topic: Mars
The surface of Mars is an incredibly hostile place for life as we know it, but ancient Mars may have been habitable. Two new NASA missions will help astrobiologists determine what transformed Mars into the dry, desert world we're familiar with today.

Mars Sand Dunes in Motion
Topic: Mars
New images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show that the sandy surface of Mars is more dynamic than previously thought.

NASA Ready for Launch of New Mars Rover
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is in final preparations for launch. MSL will carry Curiosity, a rover with more scientific capability than any ever sent to another planet.

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