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The Temperature of Early Mars
Topic: Mars
By studying the Mars meteorite ALH84001, scientists have directly determined the surface temperature of early Mars. The results are consistent with a warmer, wetter planet.

Tracing the Canals of Mars
Topic: Mars
Images of Mars taken from orbiting spacecraft suggest water may periodically appear on the planet´s surface. Over 100 years ago, Percival Lowell thought the "canals" on Mars were evidence of global engineering by an advanced race of Martians.

Rastreo de los Canales de Marte
Topic: Mars
Las imágenes de Marte tomadas desde su órbita sugieren que el agua puede aparecer periódicamente en la superficie del planeta. Hace unos 100 años, Percival Lowell pensó que los "canales" de Marte eran la evidencia de ingeniería global hecha por una raza avanzada de marcianos.

Mars Atmosphere is Supersaturated with Water
Topic: Mars
A new analysis of data from ESA's Mars Express spacecraft has revealed that the atmosphere of Mars is supersaturated with water vapor. The findings could help astrobiologists determine if Mars once supported habitable environments for life.

Martian Clay as Habitats for Life
Topic: Mars
New research shows that young clays discovered on Mars may have been habitats for life relatively recently in the planet's history.

Methane Debate Splits Mars Community
Topic: Mars
Eight years have passed, and scientists still haven't been able to come to any consensus over purported detections of methane on Mars.

El Debate del Metano de Marte Divide a la Comunidad Científica
Topic: Mars
Han pasado ocho años y los científicos aún no han sido capaces de llegar a un consenso sobre la supuestas detección de metano en Marte.

Tribute to Terrorism Victims on Mars
Topic: Mars
In September 2001, researchers building tools for NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers paid special tribute to victims of the attacks on September 11. Aluminum cuffs on the rock abrasion tools for Opportunity and Spirit were made from aluminum recovered from the destroyed World Trade Center towers.

Microbe Risk When Rover Wheels Hit Martian Dirt
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission will use a new "sky crane" method to lower the SUV-sized rover onto the martian surface. This direct touchdown risks contaminating the Red Planet's surface with Earth microbes hitchhiking on the rover's wheels.

Was Eberswalde Crater Once a Lake?
Topic: Mars
ESA's Mars Express has spotted evidence that a lake may have once filled Eberswalde crater on Mars.

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