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El Riesgo de Microbios Cuando las Ruedas del Rover Entran en Contacto con el Polvo de Marte
Topic: Mars
La misión Mars Science Laboratory de la NASA utilizará un nuevo método de grúa aérea, conocido como “sky crane”, para descender un vehículo robótico de exploración (rover) del tamaño de un todoterreno sobre la superficie de Marte. Con este aterrizaje directo, la superficie del planeta rojo corre el riesgo de contaminarse con microbios terrestres alojados en las ruedas del rover.

High-Tech Instruments to Search for Life on Mars
Topic: Mars
New life-detection tools could finally answer age-old questions about the potential for life on Mars

Evidence of Water at Endeavour Crater
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has discovered rocks that are different from anything previously seen on Mars. The rock exposures in Endeavour crater could date from early Mars, and will help scientists understand the potential for habitable environments in planet's past.

Out of Thin Martian Air
Topic: Mars
Mars has lost an ocean's worth of water, but to find where it all went will take satellites and computer models working in conjunction.

A Drop of Salt Water on Mars
Topic: Mars
A new NASA project will soon help answer questions about whether or not saltwater droplets are common on Mars and whether or not they could play a role in the survival of martian microbes.

Mars Channels Likely Caused by Lava
Topic: Mars
Some of the features on Mars that have been interpreted as large, ancient riverbeds might actually be evidence of massive, fast-moving, low-viscosity lava flows. The new study could have implications in the search for signs of past life on Mars.

Mars Soil Not Too Extreme for Life
Topic: Mars
A new analysis of data from the Phoenix Lander indicates that life as we know it could survive in martian soils.

Opportunity's Endeavor
Topic: Mars
After a journey of almost three years, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has reached Endeavour crater. Here the rover will study rocks that could shed new light on the history of the martian climate and the potential for past life on Mars.

Mars' North Pole in Transition
Topic: Mars
New images from ESA's Mars Express show the north polar cap during the planet's summer solstice. At this time of year, the carbon dioxide ice has gone and only a bright cap of water ice remains.

Water Flows on the Surface of Mars
Topic: Mars
Observations from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have revealed possible flowing water during the warmest months on Mars. The findings could have implications in the study of potential habitats for life on Mars.

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