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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
MSL to Land at Gale Crater
Topic: Mars
NASA´s next Mars rover will land at the foot of a layered mountain inside the planet´s Gale Crater. The Mars Science Laboratory will study whether the region had favorable environmental conditions for supporting microbial life and for preserving clues about whether life ever existed.

20 Miles on Mars
Topic: Mars
Seven years into what was planned as a three-month mission, NASA's Opportunity rover has driven more than 50 times its original distance goal.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mars
Topic: Mars
Where will MSL land? NASA has narrowed the options down to two potential sites on the red planet.

Desert Varnish on Mars
Topic: Mars
Scientists are seeing new evidence that suggests traces of water on Mars are under a thin varnish of iron oxide, or rust, similar to conditions found on desert rocks in California's Mojave Desert. The findings could have implications in the search for signs of past or present life on the red planet.

The Next Mars Rover, in Action
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Science Laboratory has arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and will begin its journey to Mars later this year. In preparation for the mission, NASA has released an animated movie that details the dramatic events that MSL will face in 2012 as it makes its landing on the red planet.

Dreams of Landing for ExoMars 2016
Topic: Mars
ESA and NASA have announced the scientific investigations selected for their 2016 ExoMars lander demonstrator.

“Base Secreta em Marte”, um Artefato de Raio Cósmico
Topic: Mars
Recentemente um vídeo fez seu trajeto pela rede alegando que uma estação espacial havia sido descoberta em Marte. Na realidade a imagem não é nada além que pixels ruins causados por um raio cósmico atingindo a espaçonave Mars Express enquanto a foto foi tirada.

Bring Home the Sample
Topic: Mars
A Mars sample return mission has been a goal of NASA for decades. In a recent essay, Lou Friedman, former Executive Director of The Planetary Society, discussed the potential of pursuing such an ambitious project in the coming years.

Up, Up and Away for Mars
Topic: Mars
Spaceward Bound and the DREAMS project recently launched a weather balloon in the Mojave Desert. The balloon´s payload contained scientific experiments designed to shed light on the search for life on Mars.

Jupiter Robbed Mass of Mars
Topic: Mars
Scientists may have answered the question of why Mars is half the size and one-tenth the mass of Earth. In doing so, they have also revealed an unexpected twist in the early lives of Jupiter and Saturn.

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