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Mars, in Full Color
Topic: Mars
NASA's next Mars rover with cary two digital color cameras on its mast, showing the surface of Mars in exquisite detail. The Curiosity rover is being prepared for launch later this year. On Mars, Curiosity will help astrobiologists study the potential for past or present life.

Lost Spirit
Topic: Mars
NASA has ended operational planning activities for the Mars rover Spirit and transitioned the Mars Exploration Rover Project to a single-rover operation focused on Spirit´s still-active twin, Opportunity.

The Rapid Rise of Half-Baked Mars
Topic: Mars
New research shows that, following the birth of the Solar System, Mars developed much more quickly than the Earth.

Methane from Deep Cracks on Mars
Topic: Mars
New images of the Nili Fossae region are helping scientists understand unique geological features in the area. Methane in Mars' atmosphere is enhanced over Nili Fossae, leading some scientists to believe that the gas is produced there. The origins of the Mars methane could be geological or perhaps even biological.

Seeking Life´s Imprint in Shifting Desert Sand
Topic: Mars
From the deepest past to the present day, the deserts of Morocco provide a panorama of life´s history on Earth and give us insight for our investigations of Mars.

Carbon Dioxide Above and Below
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has discovered the total amount of atmosphere on Mars changes as the tilt of the planet's axis varies. This process could affect the stability of any liquid water, if it exists on the martian surface.

Comparing Mounds in Spain and Mars
Topic: Mars
Strange surface features created by ancient subterranean springs in Spain may provide new clues relevant to the search for water on Mars.

Getting to Mars Means Stopping and Landing
Topic: Mars
With the space shuttle program reaching its end, scientists are focusing on technology that can take humans beyond Earth. All eyes are on Mars, but designing a spacecraft that can travel to and land on the Red Planet remains a prime challenge.

Spirit Stays Silent
Topic: Mars
NASA's Spirit Mars rover's location on Mars recieved maximum sunshine for the martian year last week... but still no signal from Spirit has been heard. If no communications are established in the next month or two, the mission team will shift to single-rover operations, focusing on Spirit's active twin, Opportunity.

Some of Mars´ Missing Carbon Dioxide May Be Buried
Topic: Mars
Rocks on Mars that were excavated by crater-blasting impacts may indicate one possible way that Mars' atmosphere has become much less dense than it used to be. The findings could have implications for understanding whether or not Mars once had environments capable of supporting life.

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