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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Evidence of Salt Water on Mars?
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has spotted dark markings on the surface of Mars that could be caused by salty water.

A Privately-Funded Mission to Mars
Topic: Mars
Plans for the first privately funded mission to Mars have been announced. The mission is a lander based on NASA's Phoenix mission and will launch in 2018.

First Age Measurement on Mars
Topic: Mars
A new set of papers is providing further scientific results from Curiosity's first year on Mars. The findings provide new information about life's potential on ancient Mars and the challenges that future human explorers will face at the surface.

Ancient Lake on Mars Could Have Sustained Life
Topic: Mars
Data from NASA's Curiosity rover indicates that a lake was once present in Mars' Yellowknife Bay. The lake may have been a suitable habitat for life.

Martian Laser Surpasses 100,000 Zaps
Topic: Mars
NASA's Curiosity rover recently fired the 100,000th shot from its ChemCam laser instrument.

Unusual Greenhouse Gases May Have Raised Ancient Mars Temperature
Topic: Mars
Scientist modeling the early atmosphere of Mars have shown that the right balance of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and water could have made Mars warm enough for liquid water to persist at the surface.

Evidence Found for Granite on Mars
Topic: Mars
A new study shows that Mars may be more geologically complex than previously believed.

How Habitable Is Mars? A New View of the Viking Experiments
Topic: Mars
A NASA-Ames led study sought to define the environment that the Viking landers sampled on Mars. Their results are showing a different picture of habitability than previously believed.

MAVEN Launched to Study Upper Atmosphere of Mars
Topic: Mars
A NASA mission that will investigate how Mars lost its atmosphere and abundant liquid water launched into space at 1:28 p.m. EST Monday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The Overprotection of Mars?
Topic: Mars
A recent paper argues that planetary protection policies guarding spacecraft from bio-contamination need to be re-evaluated because they inhibit a more ambitious agenda to search for life on Mars.

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