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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Calibrated for Carbonates
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has identified an outcrop of rock that only could have formed in water that was not acidic. The finding is crucial in understanding the planet's early climate and the potential for habitable environments on ancient Mars.

Tumbleweed Rovers for Mars
Topic: Mars
A new computer model could help researchers develop better wind-powered 'tumbleweed' rovers for use on Mars. Such rovers could provide an energy-efficient way of exploring the martian surface and gathering further data concerning the potential for past or present life on Mars.

Mars was Wet, but was it Warm?
Topic: Mars
Mars is frozen today, but when it was young there may have been liquid water on its surface. What does the latest evidence indicate about the ancient martian climate? Understanding the past environment of Mars can help future missions "follow the water" in the search for alien life.

Mystery of Mars Spirals Solved
Topic: Mars
Scientists have solved a pair of decade-old mysteries concerning the northern ice cap of Mars. In the process, they have unlocked new information about climate change on the red planet, helping astrobiologists further understand the potential for past life on Mars.

Phoenix Crushed by Frost
Topic: Mars
NASA's Phoenix mission has ended operations after repeated attempts to contact the lander were unsuccessful. A new image from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows that Phoenix's solar panels may have suffered severe ice damage during the cold, dark winter.

Mars Contamination Dust-Up
Topic: Mars
A new study finds that microbes on spacecraft might be able to survive on Mars longer than previously thought. The key to their survival? Dust.

One Moment, Two Worlds
Topic: Mars
NASA's Opportunity rover on Mars recently participated in a public photography project called 'A Moment in Time.' On May 2 at 15:00 UTC, people all around the world took a photograph to show the variety of life on our world. Opportunity joined in, adding a moment in time from the surface of Mars.

Why Astrobiologists Love Don Juan Pond
Topic: Mars
A beautiful salty pool in Antarctica's Dry Valleys is teaching scientists about the potential for life in brine pools on ancient Mars. The study also reveals a previously unreported mechanism for producing an important greenhouse gas - nitrous oxide - in Antarctic habitats.

A Learning Opportunity
Topic: Mars
While examining a relatively new crater on Mars, NASA's Opportunity rover has discovered rocks coated with a strange material that may have been formed through a process involving water. New software is also helping Opportunity gather more science data by allowing the rover to choose its own research targets autonomously.

Mars 'River Channels' Made by Lava?
Topic: Mars
New data indicates that at least one of the meandering channels on the surface of Mars was formed by flowing lava rather than liquid water. The study could help astrobiologists determine the likelihood of finding signs of past or present life on Mars.

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