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Spirit Stuck but Still Sleuthing
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars rover Spirit is having traction trouble in the martian soil. Although stuck, the rover is taking advantage of the situation by learning more about Mars' environmental history.

By the Shore of a Martian Lake
Topic: Mars
Scientists have discovered the first definitive evidence of shorelines on Mars. Using data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the team found evidence of a deep, ancient lake. The finding could be important in the search for past life on the Red Planet.

A New Way to Keep Clean
Topic: Mars
It is almost impossible to get a spacecraft completely clean before launch. Because of this, one of the biggest difficulties in searching for life on planets like Mars is not contaminating the research site with microbes from Earth. Now, scientists have developed a new cleaning protocol that could help alleviate the problem.

Scarce Shelter on Mars
Topic: Mars
Microbes that hitch a ride on a spacecraft might make it all the way to Mars, but a recent study finds they probably won´t survive for very long there.

Find Your Own Place on Mars
Topic: Mars
Researchers are adding to the features available on the popular online application Google Earth. Now users can participate in actual Mars missions by using Google Earth to recommend places of interest to photograph with the THEMIS camera on NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter.

A One-way Ticket to Mars
Topic: Mars
In a presentation at 2008 NASA Astrobiology Science Conference, theoretical physicist and cosmologist Paul Davies argued that the most cost-effective way to send humans to Mars would be to send them with the understanding that they wouldn´t be coming back.

Perchlorate Points to Possible Puddle
Topic: Mars
New research shows that perchlorate salts at the Phoenix landing site could allow liquid to persist under the current temperatures and pressures found at the surface of Mars. The possibility of stable liquid at Mars' surface raises interesting questions about the potential for life on the red planet.

Windy, Wet and Wild
Topic: Mars
The team behind NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers has released new results from the two years that Opportunity spent exploring Victoria Crater. Opportunity's instruments have revealed more evidence for a windy and wet past on Mars. The findings further our understanding of the habitability of ancient Mars.

Spirit on Soft Ground
Topic: Mars
NASA's Spirit rover is on slippery ground. The rover's five working wheels have been slipping in soft soil, causing them to sink into the ground. It may be weeks before Spirit attempts to drive again, but in the meantime the rover will use its scientific instruments to study the properties of the troublesome soil.

Move On to Mars
Topic: Mars
When will humans visit Mars? Charles Cockell, a microbiologist who studies life in extreme environments, believes we have the necessary technology to go today if we really wanted to.

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