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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
NASA, ESA and a Trip to Mars
Topic: Mars
NASA has selected two science investigations that will forge new alliances between NASA and the European Space Agency. Working together on missions like ExoMars will help astrobiologists in both countries determine whether or not Mars was once habitable for life.

Focused on Phobos
Topic: Mars
Mars has two tiny asteroid-like moons, Phobos and Deimos. The moons have not been the focus of Mars studies, but there are several missions in the planning stages that aim to change that.

Blowing the Dust Off Mars
Topic: Mars
It's dust storm season on Mars, and NASA's Mars rovers are watching the martian weather reports. With images from orbiting spacecraft, scientists can see where dust is rising into the martian atmosphere and track its movements.

Rover Reboots
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has had some recent troubles, but is continuing its mission to explore the surface of Mars. While the rover moves toward new scientific targets, members of the mission team are trying to determine why the rover has recently rebooted its computer.

Welcome to the Red Planet
Topic: Mars
Looking for someplace inexpensive to go on your next vacation? Consider Mars. Now that Google Earth 5.0, with its built-in Mars mode, has been released, you can check out the most stunning vistas the Red Planet has to offer – and you won´t have to spend a dime.

Rover Spots Distant Goal
Topic: Mars
NASA's Opportunity rover has caught its first glimpse of the destination it's been seeking for the past six months – Endeavor Crater. On route to Endeavor, Opportunity will continue to examine the martian soil in search of clues about the past climate of Mars.

Too Salty to Freeze
Topic: Mars
For the first time, liquid water has been detected on Mars. Salty, liquid water has been detected on a leg of NASA's Mars Phoenix Lander. The discovery has implications in determining whether or not Mars is habitable for life.

Spirit Struggling On
Topic: Mars
Loose soil is forcing NASA's Spirit rover to take the long way around to its next study site. However, Spirit is already making new discoveries that will help scientists determine if the past environment of Mars was once capable of supporting life.

Water May Have Shaped Solar System's Tallest Mountain
Topic: Mars
Research shows that pockets of ancient, liquid water may still be trapped beneath Mars' massive volcano, Olympus Mons. By studying why the volcano is shaped the way it is, scientists determined that clay sediments could account for its asymmetric shape.

A Sliver of a Chance for Life on Mars
Topic: Mars
The Phoenix Mars Lander witnessed water vapor adsorbing into the martian soil each night. Researchers suspect the films of water that resulted are probably too thin for life now, but they may have been thick enough millions of years ago.

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