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A Mission to Phobos Will Also Provide Samples from Mars
Topic: Mars
A new study shows how a sample return mission to Mars' moon Phobos would be able to collect samples from both the moon itself and the planet Mars.

MAVEN Set to Launch November 18
Topic: Mars
MAVEN stands for “Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution”, and the mission will examine the upper portion of Mars’ thin, mostly carbon dioxide atmosphere in order to determine how the climate of the Red Planet has changed over time.

Curiosity Performs Warm Reset
Topic: Mars
NASA has released a status update for Curiosity, reporting that the Mars rover performed a 'warm reset' on November 7th.

Designing a Box to Return Samples From Mars
Topic: Mars
Scientists are working on developing a robust, multifunctional container that could one day be used to return samples from Mars.

How the Atmosphere of Mars Turned to Stone
Topic: Mars
By studying a Mars meteorite, researchers have determined how early Mars changed from having a carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere to the cold, arid it is today.

Was This Mars Ridge Habitable?
Topic: Mars
It will take Curiosity until at least mid-2014 to reach Mount Sharp, but scientists are already discussing which areas to examine when the rover arrives. One site is a low ridge on the bottom of the mountain that appears to have formed in water.

Curiosity Confirms Origins of Martian Meteorites
Topic: Mars
By measuring the atmosphere of Mars, NASA's Curiosity rover has provided the most definitive evidence yet that meteorites suspected to originate from the red planet are indeed martian in origin.

A New Look at Unusual Mars Craters
Topic: Mars
Insights from underground nuclear tests and explosive volcanoes on Earth are helping scientists understand how unusual craters on Mars were formed.

Making Martian Clouds on Earth
Topic: Mars
Researchers have recreated martian clouds in a laboratory on Earth. Their work will help scientists understand the properties of clouds on Mars and the environmental conditions present in the martian atmosphere.

Mars Rover Testing in the Atacama
Topic: Mars
Next week, scientists from the European Space Agency will be testing a prototype of the ExoMars rover in Chile's Atacama desert.

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