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The Ancient Oceans of Mars
Topic: Mars
Gamma-ray data from NASA's Mars Odyssey indicates that an ocean once covered one third of Mars' surface. If liquid water was indeed present, Mars might have been habitable for life in its past.

Baking the Rover is Not an Option
Topic: Mars
The next-generation Mars rover will visit the Red Planet to sniff out the smallest traces of organic material – the building blocks of life. Trouble is, the Mars Science Laboratory is made from several kilograms of organic material from Earth.

Carbonate Conundrum
Topic: Mars
NASA´s Phoenix lander mission is now over, and scientists are analyzing the data collected from its various experiments. Phoenix's discovery of carbonates in the frozen northern soil of Mars indicates the area once could have had liquid water.

A Divining Rod for Mars
Topic: Mars
Mars may have water underground but exactly where it is located is not known. An instrument on the Mars Science Laboratory will use neutrons to help spy for the water.

Phoenix Stops Phoning Home
Topic: Mars
After five months, NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has stopped communicating. With the seasonal decline of sunlight in the martian arctic, Phoenix no longer has enough power to charge its batteries.

Phoenix Powers Down
Topic: Mars
Engineers hope to extend the life of NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander by gradually shutting down some of its instruments and heaters. Phoenix has already been studying Mars two months longer than initially planned.

Opal's Sparkle Indicates Water
Topic: Mars
A new category of minerals that suggests past liquid water on Mars has been found to cover large regions of the planet's surface. The minerals commonly known as opal suggest that liquid water played a role in shaping Mars' surface.

Shooting Life on Mars
Topic: Mars
Using a highly sensitive laser, scientists have developed a new method to search for cells in martian minerals. The technique reduces the risk of contamination and can detect incredibly low concentrations of biomolecules.

The Sun is Setting on Phoenix
Topic: Mars
NASA's Phoenix Lander is continuing to analyze the soil of Mars, providing further indications that liquid water was present at the surface. This is the first step in determining if Mars was once habitable for life as we know it.

Snow Falls on Mars
Topic: Mars
NASA's Phoenix lander has detected snow falling on Mars. Additional tests indicate the presence of calcium carbonate, suggesting that liquid water once interacted with the planet's soils. The new revelations about the martian climate will help scientists understand if Mars was once habitable for life.

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