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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Mars Crater May be an Ancient Supervolcano
Topic: Mars
For the first time, scientists have discovered what could be a supervolcano on Mars.

Mars Igneous Rock is Surprisingly Earth-Like
Topic: Mars
For almost 14 months, Curiosity has been uncovering new clues about the potential for life on ancient Mars. Now, the rover's analysis of a surprisingly 'Earth-like' martian rock is revealing details about the planet's interior.

Building Mars 2020
Topic: Mars
NASA has released its announcement of an open competition to submit proposals for the science and exploration technology instruments that would be carried aboard the agency's next Mars rover in 2020.

Curiosity Finds Martian Soil Contains Water
Topic: Mars
The first scoop of soil collected by NASA's Curiosity rover has shown evidence that the fine surface materials of Mars contain several percent water by weight.

A Diversity of Findings from Curiosity Rover
Topic: Mars
Analysis of data collected by NASA's Curiosity rover during its first four months of operation have now been published in five separate papers.

Perchlorate Complicates Hunt for Life on Mars
Topic: Mars
Finding evidence for life on Mars could be more difficult that previously thought due to a chemical found in the martian soil.

Curiosity Finds No Methane on Mars
Topic: Mars
Surprising findings from the Curiosity rover on Mars indicate that there is very little methane on the red planet.

Microscopic Signs of Life Shown to Survive Mars Environment
Topic: Mars
An instrument similar to those used by art detectives on Earth is being prepared for a trip to Mars. Europe's ExoMars mission will use the Raman spectrometer to hunt for signs of martian life.

Mars Rover Upgrade Could Aid Discovery on More Distant Worlds
Topic: Mars
Scientists are developing a new camera that could help future rovers explore other worlds and evaluate the scientific value of specific sites - all without instructions from mission planners on Earth.

Dune Debris Flows Similar on Mars and the Arctic
Topic: Mars
By studying the Alaskan arctic, scientists have shown that frozen water can melt to form debris flows, even at air temperatures significantly below water's melting point.

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