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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
NASA's 2020 Mars Rover
Topic: Mars
A new report outlines how NASA’s 2020 Mars rover should search for signs of past life, collect samples that could be returned to Earth in the future, and demonstrate technology for human missions.

Mars Atmosphere was Oxygen-Rich 4 Billion Years Ago
Topic: Mars
A new study indicates that the differences between martian meteorites and rocks examined by the Spirit rover on Mars could be explained if Mars had on oxygen-rich atmosphere 4 billion years ago. This would have been well before the rise of atmospheric oxygen on Earth.

Martian Dune Marks Could Be Made By Dry Ice, Not Water
Topic: Mars
A new study shows that hunks of frozen carbon dioxide (or dry ice) could create marks on martian sand dunes by gliding down the slope on cushions of gas. The study could help interpret whether or not certain structures on Mars are formed by flowing liquid water or other natural processes.

Precious Opals Shine a Light on Mars
Topic: Mars
Research that sheds light on how Australian opals formed indicates the red dirt in the land Down Under might be similar to the red surface of Mars.

Martian Clay Contains Chemicals Implicated in Origin of Life
Topic: Mars
Astrobiologists have discovered high concentrations of boron in a martian meteorite. Boron may have played a key role in the formation of RNA, a molecule that could have played an important role in the origin of life.

Rounded Stones on Mars are Evidence of Flowing Water
Topic: Mars
NASA's Curiosity rover has returned images of what may have been a riverbed on Mars. The observations reveal areas with gravel and pebbles. After studying the size and shape of the pebbles, a team of scientists has reported that the features are clear evidence of flowing water on ancient Mars.

Mars Icebreaker Life Mission
Topic: Mars
The Icebreaker Life mission to Mars, currently being developed, would drill down about 3 feet and scan the ice shavings for organic biomarkers — molecules that are too complex to be produced non-biologically and could be conclusive evidence of life.

It’s Time to Get Serious About Going to Mars
Topic: Mars
If NASA is to land humans on Mars by the 2030s, as President Barack Obama has directed, there's not much time to settle on a plan and develop the technologies required, agency officials said Monday, May 6. A report from the Humans 2 Mars conference in Washington D.C.

New Study Suggests Wind, not Water, Formed Mount Sharp
Topic: Mars
A new study on Mt. Sharp, the landing site for NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, could have important implications for understanding the habitability of ancient Mars.

Humans 2 Mars Summit
Topic: Mars
Explore Mars and the George Washington University Space Policy Institute present the The Humans to Mars (H2M) Summit, 6-8 May 2013 at the Lisner Auditorium of the George Washington University in Washington, DC.

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