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Hot Topic Solar System Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Vesta Impacts Delivered Carbon
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
NASA's Dawn spacecraft captured images of two enormous craters in the southern hemisphere of Vesta. Studies now show that the impacts not only altered Vesta's shape, but also its surface composition.

'All-Clear' Asteroid Will Miss Earth in 2040
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Astronomers have confirmed that there is no risk of the asteroid 2011 AG5 impacting Earth in 2040.

Astrobiology Top 10: Dawn Reveals Secrets of Vesta's History
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
As 2012 draws to a close, Astrobiology Magazine highlights the year's top stories. At number 9, NASA reported that the Dawn spacecraft had revealed the varied surface composition, sharp temperature changes, and clues about the internal structure of the asteroid Vesta. (Originally published on 04/28/12)

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Meteorites
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
A new tool is helping improve the odds of identifying meteorite falls on Earth. Using weather radars, scientists have helped identify three confirmed meteorites in the United States alone in the past eight months.

Bearing the Brunt of a Meteorite Impact
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
High-speed video is helping scientists understand how meteorites transfer the energy of impact to sand and dirt grains.

What's Creating Gullies on Vesta?
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Scientists have spotted gullies that sculpt the walls of geologically young craters on the giant asteroid Vesta.

Analyzing Asteroid Dust From Space
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Scientists are now studying small particles of the asteroid Itokawa that were returned to Earth by the Hayabusa spacecraft. The samples from space are providing new insight into the earliest stages of our solar system's formation and evolution.

Meteorites Reveal Warm Water Existed on Mars
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Scientists have discovered that water temperatures on ancient Mars were within a range that microorganisms on Earth can live in. The research is based on detailed studies of Mars meteorites coupled with computer modeling.

Comet Collisions Every Six Seconds
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Every six seconds, for millions or years, comets have been colliding with one another near a star in the constellation Cetus, which is visible to the naked eye. The star hosts one of only two known dusty disks that also contain large amounts of gas.

A Young Surface on Vesta
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
New data shows that a form of weathering that occurs on airless bodies like the Moon does not alter the surface of Vesta in the same way.

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