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How Exoplanets are Surprising Scientists
Topic: New Planets
Kepler has provided a trove of information concerning extrasolar planets. Earlier this summer, The Kavli Foundation spoke with three prominent researchers in the field about how Kepler´s discoveries are already helping to change their thinking about planets in the Milky Way.

A Planet Blasted with X-Rays
Topic: New Planets
New data suggest that high-energy radiation is evaporating about 5 million tons of matter from the planet CoRoT-2b every second. This result gives insight into the difficult survival path for some planets.

Tatooine-Like Planet Discovered
Topic: New Planets
Researchers have discovered a planet that orbits around a pair of stars - a scene similar to the fictional planet of Tatooine in the sci-fi classic Star Wars.

Extreme Weather on Alien World
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers may have witnessed a storm brewing on a brown dwarf star. The storm could be grander than anything yet seen on a planet, and could help scientists understand weather phenomena on extra-solar planets.

Rocky Planets Could Have Been Born as Gas Giants
Topic: New Planets
A new theory of planet formation could mean that Earths and Super-Earths were created when gas was stripped from gas giant planets.

Los Planetas Rocosos Podrían Haber Nacido de Gigantes Gaseosos
Topic: New Planets
Una nueva teoría de formación planetaria sugiere que Tierras y súper-Tierras se crearon al despojarse gas de planetas gaseosos gigantes.

Discovering an Invisible World
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers have discovered an 'invisible' planet by monitoring it's influence on a second planet that we can actually see. The finding demonstrates a method for finding planets that are undetectable by other methods.

50 New Exoplanets Discovered by HARPS
Topic: New Planets
ESO's exoplanet-hunter, HARPS, has discovered more than 50 new exoplanets. Among the discoveries are 16 super-Earths, one of which orbits at the edge of the habitable zone of its host star.

A Planet Made of Diamond
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers think they have found a once-massive star that has been transformed into a small planet made of diamond in our Milky Way. The discovery sheds new light on the diversity of planets and how they can form.

Um Planeta Feito de Diamante
Topic: New Planets
Astrônomos acreditam que encontraram uma antiga estrela massiva que se transformou em um pequeno planeta feito de diamantes na nossa Via Láctea. A descoberta lança nova luz sobre a diversidade dos planetas e como eles podem se formar.

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