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Photo of an Extrasolar Planet
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers have released the first picture of a potential extrasolar planet that orbits a sun-like star. The newly-imaged planet may alter our understanding of planetary formation.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Alien Ocean
Topic: New Planets
Scientists propose to find water on alien planets by looking for the glint of starlight from distant oceans.

Listening to Planets
Topic: New Planets
Scientists are beginning to understand radio emissions emitted by aurora on Earth. The new study will help future astronomers search for extrasolar planets by listening for the sounds they make.

More SuperEarths Discovered
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers have announced a breakthrough in the field of extra-solar planets. They have identified 45 potential super-Earths,showing that these planets may be present around one out of every three solar-like stars.

Small Planet, Small Star
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers have discovered the smallest yet observed extrasolar planet. The planet is only three times more massive than Earth, and has proven that low-mass stars may be good candidates for hosting Earth-like planets.

Pulses to Find Planets
Topic: New Planets
A new ultrafast laser could increase the sensitivity of astronomical tools searching for Earth-like planets by as much as 100 fold. The new technology could be a major advancement in the search for habitable extrasolar worlds.

Laser Insight into Gas Giants
Topic: New Planets
Using a high-energy laser, scientists are learning about the evolution and internal structure of gas giant planets. The research will yield information about planets like Jupiter and Saturn as well as distant extrasolar worlds.

Catching the Glint of Water
Topic: New Planets
Using an optical space telescope and a mathematical method, astronomers are hoping to find Earth-like watery worlds around distant stars. Their technique may one day help astrobiologists discover another planet suitable for life as we know it.

A Dot in the Void
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers have constructed an image of material around the star AB Aurigae that appears to be coalescing into a celestial body. The finding will help scientists understand the early stages of planetary formation.

Earth-like Planet Found in Leo
Topic: New Planets
Scientists have discovered a potentially Earth-like planet around a star 30 light years away. At a size five times larger than Earth, it is the smallest extrasolar planet yet discovered.

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