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First Detection of a Predicted Unseen Exoplanet
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers previously predicted the presence of the planet Kepler-88 c based on its gravitational influence on other planets in the system, even though they couldn't see it. Now, new observations confirm that the planet does exist.

Astronomers Discover a Planet That Shouldn't Be There
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers have discovered a giant planet whose existence can't be explained by current models of planet or star formation.

New Models Aid the Search for Earth-like Planets
Topic: New Planets
New theoretical models could make the search for habitable planets easier.

Blazing-Hot Exoplanet has Earth-Like Size and Mass
Topic: New Planets
New research shows that, while the planet Kepler 78b is too hot for life, it is roughly the same size as the Earth. In fact, Kepler 78b is one of the smallest exoplanets that astronomers have measured thus far.

Exoplanets: 1,000 and Counting
Topic: New Planets
The Extrasolar Planets Catalog now has over 1,000 planets listed in their database. The milestone was reached October 22, and their current count of planets discovered beyond our solar system now sits at 1,010.

Kepler Finds Planets in a Tilted Orbit
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers have discovered a distant planetary system where multiple planets orbit their host star at a severe tilt. It is the first time that such tilted orbits have been found in a multiplanetary system of this type.

Nearing One Thousand Exoplanets
Topic: New Planets
As of October 2014, The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia sits at 998 entries. Soon, astronomers will have identified over 1000 extrasolar planets.

Water-Rich Rocky Planet's Remnants Orbit a White Dwarf Star
Topic: New Planets
Scientists have found evidence of the remains of a water-rich rocky planet in rocky debris around a white dwarf star. They estimate that the planet was composed of 26 percent by mass.

A Strange Lonely Planet That Has No Star
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers have discovered an exotic planet drifting through space without a host star. The object is unlike any free-floating planet yet discovered, and was spotted during a search for brown dwarf stars.

'Diamond' Planet May Not be Such a Gem
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers previously reported that the planet 55 Cancri e may be made of diamond. Now, by studying the composition of the planet's host star, scientists have determined that the planet may be less exquisite.

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