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Hot New Eclipsing World Discovered
Topic: New Planets
Planet finding scientists have logged more than a hundred discoveries of new 'worlds' since the middle 1990s, but only two probable candidates have been found from changes in the parent star's brightness. Akin to a distant eclipse, this method is called a transit search.

New Planet Found, Big Dog Constellation
Topic: New Planets
A new planet has been found orbitting a Sun-like star in the southern constellation, Canis Major. The planet is about twice the size of Jupiter, and orbits so close that its annual 'season' is over in just two and half days.

First Light on New Planet Finder
Topic: New Planets
Atop a Chilean mountain- in the driest place on Earth- a new telescope promises to seek out distant stars that harbor planets. 'First light' showed that a star's velocity can be detected with the astonishing accuracy equivalent to the speed of a pedestrian's walk (within a few meters per second).

Poof! How to Evaporate a Planet
Topic: New Planets
Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have observed for the first time the atmosphere of a planet beyond our solar system evaporating into space.

Planet Found Orbiting Red Giant
Topic: New Planets
A new planet has been discovered in the southern constellation, Canis Major (The Great Dog). The Jupiter-like planet orbits a Red Giant star--more than 400 light-years away and the second most distant planetary system yet.

New World of Iron Rain
Topic: New Planets
Discover the remarkable new planet that has a year that lasts a terrestrial day, and rains down not water, but iron. The discovery is made possible by a planetary detection method--called a transit search--where the parent star dims as the orbitting planets pass across its face.

Water Worlds
Topic: New Planets
Italian astronomers report on a method for water detection on extrasolar planets and cometary clouds, and their shortlist of candidates with promising initial findings from the 32-meter Medicina radio telescope.

Gravity's Telescope
Topic: New Planets
Using a technique known as "gravitational microlensing", astronomers hope to find planets in Earth-like orbits around stars halfway across the galaxy.

Weighing In on Other Planets
Topic: New Planets
An international team of astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to help make a precise measurement of the mass of a planet outside our solar system.

The Sun Also Rises Twice
Topic: New Planets
The startling effect of twin shadows and dual sunrises would make for double-vision on the first planet found orbiting a closely-coupled binary star system.

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