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Plunge to Methane Lake?
Topic: Titan
Summary: Anthony Del Genio of the Cassini Imaging team takes a tour of the strange and perplexing world, Titan, where hurricane winds and supercold smog promise some of the most startling imagery in our solar system. The mission to descend towards Titan's surface will draw global attention in a few days, when a tiny space probe will test the limits of parachutes, cameras and communications.

Our Cosmic Self-Esteem
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees describes how for the first time, humans as a species may start to change in observable ways within single lifetimes and under some loose control of our own influence. If this future plays out, the future itself becomes more difficult to forecast.

Space to Move
Topic: Biosphere
Summary: One of the great unknowns in the climate change debate is the effect of regional alterations on individual species. Connie Millar, a geneticist from the Pacific Southwest Research Station, discusses the importance of allowing a species to move, even as space becomes more precious and fenced off.

Before the Beginning
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees discusses the limits to our knowledge of what might have preceded the big bang. Everyone asks the question: what was 'there' the instant before everything came to be?, but the question may not go as deep as the answers it spawns.

Our Cosmic Patch
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Summary: Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees talks to Astrobiology Magazine about the conditions for life. How unique is our world? Is the universe itself just the byproduct of many failed, sterile or stillborn universes that might have preceded it?

On Top of Titan's Mountain
Topic: Titan
Summary: When Cassini flew by Saturn's moon Titan on October 26, scientists got a small taste of the discoveries to come. Athena Coustenis of the Paris-Meudon Observatory discusses a potential landscape of mountains and lakes on this strange, smog-filled world.

The Martian Methane Surprise
Topic: Mars
Summary: Is the methane on Mars coming from deep underground? Astrobiologist Mike Mumma discusses some possibilities while explaining how to measure methane on another world.

Spirit's Mars Reads Like a Mystery Novel
Topic: Mars
Summary: Principal investigator for the science package on the Mars Exploration Rovers, Steve Squyres, talks with Astrobiology Magazine about the future of the Spirit rover and what has been learned so far from its exploration of Gusev Crater.

Martian Retrospective
Topic: Mars
Summary: As the rovers try to survive the dead of martian winter, what do readers want to know about their first nine-months on the red planet? Questions and answers range from how long the rovers may last to what it's like to live four months on martian time.

Big Planet, Tiny Vehicles
Topic: Mars
Summary: What can the Mars rovers do after reaching Endurance Crater? Principal investigator Steve Squyres talked with Astrobiology Magazine about what's next: Can Opportunity drive five more kilometers to Victoria Crater, while being commanded by dedicated graduate students? He introduces two tiny vehicles to a big planet where the work is never done.
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