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From a River in Spain to a Crater on Mars
Topic: Mars
Summary: Andrew Knoll is a member of the Mars Exploration Rover science team and Fisher Professor of Natural History at Harvard University. His research focuses on ancient rocks on Earth; he studies how well they preserve evidence of ancient terrestrial life.

James Cameron's Mars Reference Design
Topic: Mars
Summary: Academy Award winning film director, James Cameron, takes a tour through a human mission to Mars. His commissioned renderings of the Mars Design Reference Mission illustrate how a quarter billion miles away, a crew and cargo will meet up to build and fuel their future habitat.

State of the Union
Topic: Missions
Summary: If science communications in astrobiology is about researchers sharing their results, the audience for new findings may well turn out to be a surprising finding in itself. Dr. John Horack, one of the principal internet architects for how a Webby-award winning NASA site found its audience.

Best Laid Plans, Men and Machines
Topic: Moon to Mars
Summary: John Logsdon recently served on the Columbia Accident Investigation Board for NASA, and continues to shape views of both space history and tomorrow's policy. Astrobiology Magazine had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Logsdon about exploration initiatives.

Tapping the Grid: Interview with David Anderson
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Project leader for the SETI@home program, Dr. David Anderson, talks about the history and challenges of running the world's largest virtual supercomputer. The project searches for anomalies in radio telescope data, as interesting indicators of what might be non-natural radio sources, or qualify as communication.

Interview with Nathalie Cabrol
Topic: Mars
Summary: Geologist Nathalie Cabrol has had her eye on Gusev Crater for more than 15 years. Cabrol, along with her husband, Edmond Grin, were the scientists who first proposed that Gusev would make a good MER landing site. Now, as a member of the Spirit science team, her dream of exploring an ancient martian lakebed, is about to come true.

Interview with Matt Golombek
Topic: Mars
Summary: Pathfinder chief scientist, Matt Golombek, is a geologist on the science team evaluating what their second day on Mars will encompass. He describes what the first panoramas can show to a trained eye and what may follow in the days and weeks ahead for their robotic geologist.

Extraterrestrial Capture
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Summary: In the next few days, a bullet-speed spacecraft called Stardust will pass through the wispy tail of a comet, capture about an ounce of its delicate particles, and then begin its return voyage back to Earth.

Isidis, Martian Impact Basin
Topic: Mars
Summary: Colin Pillinger, chief scientist for the Beagle lander, talked with Astrobiology Magazine earlier this month about his experiments to detect signs of life on Mars. Pillinger's approach to finding organic matter was a contrast to what in 1976, the Viking era of landers had tried.

Dinner with Captain Kirk
Topic: Missions
Summary: Director, writer, and one of the most memorable fictional explorers of space--William Shatner's Captain Kirk--explains how to go where few have gone before: how extreme explorers might confront the limits of life both terrestrial or beyond.
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