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Europe’s Origin of Life Summit: Excerpts from an Interview with Stuart Kauffman
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: Molecular biologist and complexity theorist, Stuart Kauffman, discusses his role in research taking place as part of the Origin of Life-CERN collaborative project. In February 2013, CERN is set to host private talks concerning the potential for origin of life research at the organization.

Curious About Life: Interview with Roger Summons
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Roger Summons explains how the SAM instrument is geared to detect organic matter on Mars, and even figure out where it came from.

What Arctic Rocks Say About Life in Mars Meteorite
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Hans Amundsen explains what rocks from the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard have in common with a famous Mars meteorite.

Curious About Life: Interview with Jennifer Stern
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Jennifer Stern explains how she went from studying methane emissions in landfills to searching for signs of life on Mars.

Curious About Life: Interview with Felipe Gómez
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Felipe Gómez explains how the REMS instrument on the Curiosity rover could help determine the habitability of Mars.

Curious About Life: Interview with Jen Eigenbrode
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Jen Eigenbrode talks about how the SAM instrument will search for the organic molecules that would indicate whether Mars ever could have supported life.

Curious About Life: Interview with Michael Meyer
Topic: Mars
Summary: Michael Meyer, the lead scientist for NASA’s Mars program, talks about his role in developing the Curiosity rover that’s now exploring the surface of Mars.

Curious About Life: Interview with Pan Conrad
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Pan Conrad, deputy principal investigator of the SAM team, explains how they will be reconstructing the history of Mars.

Curious About Life: Interview with David Grinspoon
Topic: Mars
Summary: David Grinspoon, curator of astrobiology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, describes his work with a Curiosity instrument that is totally RAD.

Curious About Life: Interview with David Blake
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, David Blake talks about how the Curiosity Rover’s CheMin instrument will allow us to better understand the history of Mars’s environment.
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