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Closing the Ozone Hole
Topic: Climate
Summary: In this interview, NASA atmospheric scientist Pawan Bhartia discusses what it was like to play a role an 'unparalleled environmental success story' - the discovery and stabilization of Earth's ozone hole.

Curious About Life: Interview with Chris McKay
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, Chris McKay describes how he’ll use two of Curiosity Rover’s instruments: he’ll help determine what ChemCam should focus its laser on, and then compare the organic analysis by the SAM instrument to what was measured by the Mars Viking mission, and also to what he’s found in deserts on Earth.

Curious about Life: Interview with Danny Glavin
Topic: Mars
Summary: In this interview, NASA scientist Danny Glavin describes how NASA’s Curiosity rover will be used to determine if the building blocks of life could have survived on the surface of Mars.

Is Life an “Artificial Category”?
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: In this interview, astrobiologist Maggie Turnbull discusses why she thinks 'life' is an artificial category.

The James Webb Telescope Will See Earth-Like Worlds
Topic: Missions
Summary: The James Webb Space Telescope is facing possible cancelation due to the increasing cost of the project. But according to Matt Mountain and John Grunsfeld of the Space Telescope Science Institute, the telescope will provide an invaluable view of Earth-like worlds.

Prospects of a Geoengineered World
Topic: Climate
Summary: The Hot Zone recently featured a conversation with Dr. Philip Rasch of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Dr. Rasch and his team create mathematical models of what the Earth´s climate might look like in the future.

Aliens in the News
Topic: Alien Life
Summary: Newsweek magazine recently ran a cover story about the search for alien life. In this interview, Newsweek reporter Andrew Romano talks about the lure of Hollywood´s favorite story and real-life aspects of hunting aliens.

The Evolution of EPOXI
Topic: New Planets
Summary: In this podcast, Tim Livengood and Vikki Meadows discuss the EPOXI mission and how it will be used to search for Earth-like planets in alien solar systems.

Marco Polo and Meteorites
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Summary: In this podcast, Beda Hofmann explores the links between meteorites and astrobiology, and discusses Europe's proposed Marco Polo Mission to an asteroid.

How Deep is the Gene Pool?
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Summary: The latest issue of Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition features an interview with Anthony Poole, a molecular biologist at Stockholm University in Sweden. In this interview, Poole explains why horizontal gene transfer took time to develop, and what that means for our understanding of early life.
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